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Soaring Fist (飛拳 Hiken) is a powerful Kiai variation used by Goku while in Ultra Instinct.


While in Ultra Instinct, Goku delivers a powerful blow with his fist releasing a massive shockwave that travels considerable distance.

Usage and Power

Goku first used it against Kefla, however the power was not enough because of his Ultra Instinct was not mastered enough when attacking and while it was strong enough to just slightly injure, it did little to no effect on her performance.


Goku using the Soaring Fist in his mastered Ultra Instinct

He then used it against Jiren in his fully mastered Ultra Instinct state. This time, the attack grew in power to the point that he was able to deal serious damage to the Pride Trooper. In this occassion, a single Soaring Fist delivered various hits all at once.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it is one of Ultra Instinct Goku's signature moves.


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