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So That's How It Has to Be! (そうこなくちゃ Sō konakucha) is a Rush Attack used by Android 18 and Future Android 18.


Before the opponent attacks her, Android 18 attacks the opponent with a right knee strike to their stomach. Then, she backs away and moves back in to knock the opponent to the side with a left open palm strike to the side of their head, inflicting a massive amount of damage.


In History of Trunks, Future Android 18 used this technique against Super Saiyan Future Gohan. After her brother is knocked away by the Super Saiyan, Future Android 18 retaliates by striking Gohan with the So That's How It Has to Be!'s left open palm, knocking him into a glass window.


Future 18 uses the left open palm on Future Gohan

Android 18 uses this attack during her battle against Super Saiyan Vegeta. After Android 18 injures Vegeta's forehead with a headbutt, the Saiyan prince charges at the Android and punches her in the stomach. However, Android 18 is unaffected, and attacks Vegeta with the "So That's How It Has to Be!" rush, knocking him into a nearby mountain wall.

Video Game Appearances[]

So that's how it has to be

Android 18 uses the attack in Raging Blast

The technique is named Attack No.18 in Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors. The technique was named "So That's How it Has to Be!" in the Raging Blast series, where it is one of Android 18's Super Attacks.