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"We are real close to Majin Buu's house out here."
— Smitty to Van Zant in "I Kill No More"

Smitty (召し使い Meshitukai, lit. "Servant") is a gunman who hangs around with Van Zant and appears for a few episodes of the Majin Buu Saga. In the Japanese version and manga, it is implied that Van Zant is from a wealthy family and that Smitty is his butler, as the latter refers to the former as "young master".


Smitty is a somewhat portly, aging man (as denoted by his gray hair). When he's first introduced in the anime, he features stubble on his face along with growing sideburns. Both have grown out to a full-fledged mustache and sideburns by the time he encounters Majin Buu in person. He's also shown to have a quiff haircut.

He wears a light brown flat cap, a black suit with a white shirt and red tie underneath, beige pants and black boots.


While introduced with some form of conscience by being hesitant to kill an old man, after Smitty's first kill he seems to be just as uncaring as his associate about what happens to the world with Buu around.

When faced with Buu, Smitty is shown to be incredibly fearful about dying, which of course, he inevitably does.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Majin Buu Saga[]


Smitty shocked at Buu's transformation

Smitty is first seen when Van Zant shoots an elderly lady with no mercy. At Van Zant's request and with some hesitation, Smitty shoots her husband. Just like Van Zant, Smitty eventually enjoys slaughtering people he comes across. After killing many innocents, they attack Majin Buu[1] and blow up his house. Then Mr. Satan beats them up, knocking Smitty off the edge of the hill before pummeling Van Zant.[2]


Smitty's horrible death at the hands of Super Buu

When Mr. Satan is shot by Van Zant, Majin Buu becomes incredibly mad and loses control of his anger, expelling the evil from his body and creating Evil Buu. Smitty witnesses Van Zant get vaporized by Evil Buu's Guilty Flash and is shocked at the sight.[2] He soon watches the battle between Good Buu and Evil Buu, unable to wrap his mind around it. When Evil Buu eats Good Buu and transforms into Super Buu, he notices Smitty who desperately tries to shoot him but fails, so he runs. Buu turns into liquid and goes down Smitty's throat making him expand until he explodes.[3]

Dragon Ball GT[]

Baby Saga[]

Smitty appears in a flashback along with Van Zant.[4]


Like Van Zant, Smitty is a normal human who relies primarily on firearms. He is physically weak compared to a trained martial artist like Mr. Satan and is completely outclassed by beings such as Super Buu or the members of the Dragon Team.

Video Game Appearances[]

Voice Actors[]


Dragon Ball Z


  • In the Ocean Group dubs, he speaks with a Scottish accent.
  • Though Smitty's submachine gun appeared as a hybrid of a Minebea PM-9 (the Japanese variant of the Israeli IMI Uzi) and a WWII-era M3A1 "Grease Gun" in the original manga and anime, in the Viz localization of the manga, it had a greater resemblance to a child's Super Soaker water pistol, with the lack of iron sight, magazine, and receiver.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Kai, Smitty and Van Zant are not shown killing innocent people, as they are first shown on their way to kill Buu. However, he still proves to be no better than Van Zant as he shows zero discomfort when he shoots Bee for no reason, laughing triumphantly instead.



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