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"It seems the horrid smell's too much for the little warrior! It's an assault on his senses!"
— "World Tournament Announcer"

Smelly Finger (股間からの劇臭攻撃) is one of Bacterian's disgusting smelly attacks.


The technique starts with Bacterian reaching for his private area and gathering the bacteria living there. Next he takes out his hand (full with bacteria, visible stench and quickly gathered flies around it) and uses his pointer finger while running towards the opponent and yelling "Smelly Finger!". At first it leaves the opponent in shock, quickly followed by states of extreme dizziness.

Bacterian uses this smelly finger attack against Krillin while battling against him in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. He used it right after performing his Bad Breath attack. Krillin almost faints when Bacterian uses this technique. However, he quickly recovers from it, counterattacking Bacterian in the jaw.


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