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Sleeping Princess (ねむり姫, Nemuri Hime) is a diamond that was kept in the Devil's Castle.


5,000 years before the events of the movie, the Sleeping Princess becomes dormant.

The demon Lucifer wants to use this diamond to power a cannon in his Devil's Castle in order to destroy the Sun. Unaware of the fact that the Sleeping Princess is a jewel, Master Roshi sends Goku and Krillin to retrieve it, thinking it is a pretty girl due to an old legend where the Sleeping Princess is depicted as an actual princess in an enchanted slumber within the Devil's Castle.

Video Game Appearance

Sleeping Princess Treasure Item icon in Dokkan Battle

The Sleeping Princess and the events of the film in which it appears are mentioned in a Dragon Ball History entry in Dragon Ball Fusions.

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, the Sleeping Princess is a Treasure Item that can be traded for certain items at Baba's Shop. It can be obtained from the Story Event "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle" in the stage "Sleeping Princess".



  • The old legend of the Sleeping Princess being an actual princess may be based off the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty as both involve princesses who are under a sleeping spell.
    • It's also possible that said legend may be the parallel Dragon World's version of Sleeping Beauty.
  • The Sleeping Princess diamond is similar to the Blood Rubies from the previous film Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies as both are rare valuable gems that have an important role in their respective film's plot and have some connection to said film's main villain, as the Blood Rubies curse was the cause for King Gurumes mutation and where why Pasta agrees to help obtain the Earth Dragon Balls for him, while Lucifer wanted to use the Sleeping Princess to power his cannon to destroy the son.

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