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Sky Dragon (ひょうてんろん Hyōga Tenron) is a martial arts teacher, and the leader of the Panther-Fang School along with his brother Rising Dragon.


Sky Dragon is a very competitive fighter, training himself to not lose to any opposition. Sky Dragon also deals with his opponents in tactical maneuvers, using his greater intelligence to outwit his opponents in his fights, and once again using his great concentration to not slip up in his matches.


Dragon Ball

Fortuneteller Baba Saga

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Sky Dragon losing to Goku in the King Wonton's Royal Match

Sky Dragon and his brother Rising Dragon were enemies with the Chin-star School, and had a grudge against Chin Taiken, wanting to defeat him. When Goku goes into town to get medicine for Master Chin, he ends up fighting Rising Dragon and winning, but then Sky Dragon beats Goku in a sneak attack.

The next day, at King Wonton's Royal Match, Goku takes Master Chin's place, angering Sky Dragon. In their match, Sky Dragon spun at high speeds towards Goku, attacking him with his Panther-Cyclone technique. Sky Dragon has the upper hand for most of the fight, and the two use variations of the Afterimage Technique. It is this attack in midair that Goku uses to eventually defeat Sky Dragon, despite suffering from the effects of a laxative. Afterwards, Sky Dragon expresses respect towards Goku and befriends Master Chin's school.

Film Appearances

Bojack Unbound

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Sky Dragon photo, on the left-hand bottom corner, in Bojack Unbound

Years later, Sky Dragon enters the Intergalactic World Tournament. He makes it to the final eight, but he is defeated by Doskoi in the Quarter Finals, being thrown out of the ring. However, this character is only named Sky Dragon in the Funimation dub, and is a separate character known as Kanfoon (カンフーン Kanfūn) in the Japanese version.


Sky Dragon's Cyclone technique

  • Afterimage Technique – This is the old style fashion afterimage (also known as Zanzoken). The user tricks his/her opponent into making him/her attack an image created by the user moving at high speed.
  • Rapid Velocity Technique – in a fashion similar to Tien Shinhan's Machine Gun Punch, Sky Dragon swings his arms so fast they appear to be windmills on his shoulder and pummels his opponent too many times to count.
  • Panther-Cyclone – Sky Dragon's ultimate technique. He used it during King Wonton's Royal Match.

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