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Silver Dragon Flash (銀龍の一閃 Ginryū no Issen) is a variation of Super God Fist used by Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku in Dragon Ball Heroes.


It is a heavy energy punch where Goku dashes toward his target in the air in a godly burst and sends the target a punch to the face which sends the target flying through the air as the target is engulfed in energy, causing the target to fall to the ground and get engulfed by a massive spherical explosion on the target as a result of the punch as Goku turns around and closes his eyes saying he's finished.

Video Game Appearances

It is first used and named in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it was added in the first mission in the Universe Mission series (UM1) as a Super Attack of Goku (Ultra Instinct). It can also be used by any type of Hero Avatar after the forty-forth wish to Super Shenron to "Teach me a Super Attack!"

In Dokkan Battle, Silver Dragon Flash is the opening rush attack and leads into a Supreme Kamehameha as a Super Attack for Goku (Ultra Instinct).

It also appears in FighterZ, serving as a special move for Ultra Instinct Goku under the name of another his techniques, Godly Display.


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