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Shut Down Remote (リモートのシャットダウン Rimōto no Shattodaun), also known as the Emergency Stop Controller,[1][2] is a device created by Dr. Gero to shut down Androids 17 and 18. It is usually kept next to the main gate of his lab, doubling as the light switch.


After being reactivated, the two androids feign obedience to get Dr. Gero to lower his guard, which then allows 17 to swipe the remote out of the doctor's hand and crush it. When 17 mocks Gero for not having the device to stop them anymore, the latter claimed he could just build another one.

Bulma and Dr. Brief use the schematics retrieved by Future Trunks and Krillin to construct a new remote. It is revealed by Bulma that the user of the remote must be within ten meters (10 feet in the Funimation dub) of the target for the remote to be effective. Krillin plans to use it to shut down Android 18 on the Tropical Islands, to make sure Cell does not achieve his perfect form, but because of his infatuation with her, he is unable to go through with it, and instead destroys the remote to give her a chance to escape.

In Cell's timeline, Future Trunks uses the remote to shut down the androids and then destroys them. Future Dr. Gero also attempted to use the shutdown remote to shut Future 18 down after she knocked over vials, only for Future 17 to interfere by beheading him.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Legendary Super Warriors, it is named Stop Device.

In Supersonic Warriors, Future Trunks' fatal encounter with Cell in Cell's timeline is depicted. During their battle, the alternate Future Trunks tries to shut Cell down with the remote, however, it fails as Cell was created by Dr. Gero's Supercomputer and thus the device had no effect on him as he had not been designed to be shut down.

In Supersonic Warriors 2, several What-If scenarios involve or mention the Shut Down Remote. In some scenarios, the decision to use or not to use it results in new scenarios. In Dr. Gero's What-If story, it is named Deactivation Device.