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Shroom (シュルム Shurumu), alternatively known as Demon God Shroom (魔神シュルム Majin Shurumu) is a Demon God of the Dark Empire who serves Mechikabura. Shroom is the Dark Empire's god of death, and is thus a grim reaper.


Shroom art

Shroom's full appearance

Shroom is a demon with light purple skin and spiky silver hair which he holds up with a bandana that covers his forehead. He wears blue potara earrings on his ears, which are rounded instead of pointed like that of most Demons' ears. He wields a dark Scythe the size of his body as his primary weapon.


He is noted to be even more unhinged than any other Demon God, granting him the title of Death God. He has no qualms with killing one of his own henchmen in order to strike a blow on an opponent. He hates having to teleport.

He refers to Gravy as "old man".


Dragon Ball Heroes

Dark Empire Saga

Main article: Dark Empire Saga

Xeno Janemba Saga

In the manga, in a version of Age 774, Towa who has appeared in Hell along with the Grim Reaper Shroom to retrieve the Five-Star Dark Dragon Ball from Janemba: Xeno, easily defeats that timelines Goku.

Shroom calls upon a Grim Reaper Soldier who appears from a portal in the ground and attacks Janemba. When Janemba attempts to retaliate with a kick, the soldier grabs a hold of his leg. Shroom then uses his Scythe to cut through the two of them in one swipe. Janemba however rematerializes gaining more power than before due to the Dark Dragon Ball.

This time, Shroom goes in for the attack personally and while at first Janemba is able to put up a decent fight he is ultimately cut in half again and the Dark Dragon Ball falls to the ground.

Shroom vs Gogeta

Shroom battles Gogeta

However, before Towa can retrieve the ball, Goku: Xeno, Vegeta: Xeno and Chamel show up in front of them. Chamel vows to destroy Towa and Shroom with Towa commenting that Chamel had betrayed them after all. Chamel tells Goku and Vegeta to attack Shroom while he deals with Towa and they all begin to battle. Goku and Vegeta struggle against Shroom as they have little strength after having their souls mowed, one of Shroom's special abilities.

With little other choice, Goku and Vegeta use the Fusion Dance to become Gogeta: Xeno and transform into a Super Saiyan before urging Shroom to fight him again.

Mechikabura Revival Saga

He appears once again along with the rest of the Demon Gods when Mechikabura is using Dark Shenron to have his youth restored and attempts to buy as much time for his master as possible by holding off the Time Patrol. He confronts Super Saiyan Goten: Xeno in battle briefly.

Dark King Mechikabura Saga

Main article: Dark King Mechikabura Saga

Descent of the Demon Gods



Shroom is able to defeat Evil Demon Janemba in battle. He then goes on to overwhelm base Son Goku: Xeno and base Vegeta: Xeno and soon after matches Chamel in combat. Shroom proves to be an even match for Super Saiyan Gogeta: Xeno in battle, with them fighting evenly until Gogeta's fusion time runs out. He was able to hold an advantage over the injured Super Saiyan 4 Goku: Xeno (who has very little stamina remaining).


In the Dark King Mechikabura Saga, even with assistance from Android 17 (GT), Hell Fighter 17, Gero and Myuu, Demon God Shroom is defeated by Xeno Goten.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight
  • Ki Blast
  • Flaming Death Scythe (フレイムデスサイズ Fureimu Desu Saizu) - Shroom's special attack from Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Soul Reaping - Shroom is able to harvest energy from a target's soul by attacking them. A Saiyan whose soul has been reaped will be temporarily unable to transform.


  • Scythe - Shroom's demon god scepter is a scythe, fitting his title of grim reaper.


Demon God

Main article: Demon God Shroom possesses the Demon God state, and has only ever appeared in this form. He is uniquely known as the Death God (Shinigami) and possess the ability to reap souls.

Second Version

Main article: Demon God


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  • Shroom (Demon God) vs. Xeno Goten (Super Saiyan)
  • Shroom (Demon God) vs. Chamel (Demon God)


  • Much like many of the other Demon Gods appearing in various Dragon Ball media, Shroom's name comes from a sauce, specifically mushroom sauce.


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