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Sho is the female minion of Paella in Dragon Ball Online, similar to Emperor Pilaf's minion Mai.


Sho has long, chest length black hair and black eyes. She wears a white lab coat with a blue shirt underneath.


Sho was once a member of Capsule Corporation, but betrayed them in Age 995 and joined the Paella Gang.


  • Like Shu and Mai, Sho and Lon's names come from a dumpling, specifically xiaolongbao, which is called sho lon po in Japanese.
  • Given her past connection to the Capsule Corporation and resemblance to Mai, it is possible she is related to Mai either a direct descendant or biological relative. Additionally given Trunks' relationship with Mai in Dragon Ball Super, its possible she may be a descendant of both Mai and Trunks or related to the Brief family, through Mai provided Trunks married his childhood sweetheart or had a child with her.
    • Her being a distant relative might also explain why she left the Capsule Corporation to join Paella's Gang. Alternatively, she takes after Mai.


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