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Shisami (シサミ) is a minor antagonist in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. He is named after "sashimi," a type of food.



DXRD Caption of Shisami - Fukkatsu No F Manga Chapter 2

Shisami in the manga

Shisami is a tall red humanoid alien with black horns. He wears a new type of Battle Armor which is coloured green and black with a blue piece in the middle.


Shisami is part of Sorbet's elite soldiers, being on par with Tagoma on the position of Sorbet's top-men. However, the standing-in leader of the Galactic Frieza Army seems to favorite Tagoma as his right-hand man over Shisami, and this drives Shisami mad, as he keeps on trying to get his master's attention and appreciation. He later does the same when Sorbet and Tagoma introduce themselves to newly regenerated Frieza (who never got too much contact with their 3rd Stellar region sector), proving that his jealousy of Tagoma had caused him to start a hidden-competition for appreciation of his bosses.

Shisami is one of Frieza's 1000 soldiers who come to Earth to help in his revenge against the Saiyans. He fights an even battle against Piccolo, however he seems to have a slight advantage due to Piccolo having fought hundreds of Frieza's soldiers before. After all of Frieza's other soldiers are defeated, Shisami is still fighting with Piccolo. Seeing this Gohan helps Piccolo, defeating him in one blow after turning Super Saiyan. Sorbet can't believe even Shisami was defeated while Frieza comments on how fearsome the Super Saiyans are. After this a disappointed Frieza kills all of his soldiers, including Shisami.


DXRD Caption of SSJ Gohan easily defeats Shisami, Fukkatsu No F Manga chapter 3

Super Saiyan Gohan defeats Shisami in the manga

Before Frieza's invasion of Earth, it is stated by Sorbet that Shisami possesses a power level comparable to that of ZarbonDodoria, and Tagoma which places him in the range of 20,000 - 30,000, though Frieza holds responds to this comparison with contempt as the surviving Saiyans and Z Fighters have long surpassed that level of power. By the time of the invasion of Earth he is shown holding an advantage over Super Namek Piccolo (who had previously fought several hundred soldiers). He is however easily defeated by Super Saiyan Gohan in a single blow.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly using ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave. Used in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Bull Tackle (ブルタックル) - Shisami rams into the enemy at high speed. His super attack in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.

Video game appearances


Shisami's card for Dragon Ball Heroes

Shisami is playable in Dragon Ball Heroes, making his debut in the God Mission 2.

Voice actors


  • While in the 3 chapters manga adaptation of the film Shisami doesn't play a major role or speaks at all, his appearance in the film gives all the data known about him.
  • In the 3rd chapter of the manga adaptation Shisami is left dying on the ground alongside the other defeated Frieza Army soldiers without being murdered by Frieza for failing him before the latter steps in to fight the Z Fighters.

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