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Shirogame (移動要塞シロガメ Idō Yōsai Shirogame, lit. "Move Fortress Shirogame") is a giant turtle utilized as a fortress by the Demon God Demigra.



Dragon Ball Heroes

Dark King Mechikabura Saga

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Demigra Assault

Demigra and Robelu prepare the Shadow Dragons on-board Shirogame's fortress for the invasion of the Time Nest. Demigra and his allies deploy from Shirogame during the invasion, with the giant turtle participation in some battles with the Time Patrol utilizing it's energy beam attack.

Techniques and Special Abilities

Shirogame fire beam

Shirogame's energy beam

  • Full Power Energy Wave - Shirogame is capable of firing a powerful energy wave from the pyramid on it's back.

Video Game Appearances


  • "Shirogame" means "castle turtle" in Japanese.


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