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"Shin's Surprise" (シンの意外な正体 Shin no Igai na Shōtai, lit. "Shin's Surprising Identity") is the two hundred forty sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred fortieth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The match between Videl and Spopovich is about to begin. As the crowd wildly cheers for Videl, Shin continues to glare at Spopovich before returning to the waiting area. Killa and Jewel can't help but notice how much Spopovich has changed since the last tournament.

In the Waiting Room, Piccolo asks Shin if he's the Grand Kai. Shin denies this, but then Kibito reveals that he's actually the Supreme Kai. Piccolo is stunned by this, but Shin asks him to keep it quiet. Goku asks if Shin was trash talking, and if he wanted him put in his place. Piccolo quickly tells Goku to not say anything. In Other World, even King Kai is surprised that the Supreme Kai would come to Earth.

Back in the ring, Videl is laying a beatdown on Spopovich, easily knocking him around. However, no matter how many hits she lands, Spopovich just keeps coming. Gohan is stunned by this, and even Goku realizes something is wrong.



  • Videl vs. Spopovich

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