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Shimorekka (シモレッカ Shimorekka) is a member of the Galactic Bandit Brigade. He is the tertiary antagonist of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga.


Shimorekka is one of the more diminutive members of Moro's crew. He has a light green skin, red eyes and a tentacle like hair on his head.


Befitting his criminal nature, Shimorekka's shown to be ruthless and appeared to have adopted Moro's ideals, as he attempts to kill the Macereni siblings for being traitors to Moro. In spite of that, Shimorekka was later shown to be visibly concerned that his allies has been defeated/captured by the Z Fighters and the Galactic Patrol when their ships are flying past him.

Shimorekka also possesses an arrogant side to him, as he was showing taunting/belittling Jaco during their confrontation. Although he does seem to respect Seven-Three's abilities, believing that no one's a match for him.


Dragon Ball Super

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga Alongside the other prisoners, Shimorekka is released by Moro's second wish, they then proceed to take over the facility and re-secure Saganbo's Spaceship - promptly using it to head to New Namek.

After New Namek is destroyed, Shimorekka pilots the ship, taking Moro around the galaxy to feast on more planets. They stop at the planet Zoon where the Zoon-seijin attempt to protect their royal treasure from the members of the Galactic Bandit Brigade. Shimorekka defeats many of the defenders by himself, leap frogging from one to the other, killing them in graphic fashion with his bare hands and voices his excitement upon seeing what the chest holds within.

Shimorekka goes to kill the Macareni Gang

After Moro and Saganbo receive a report of powerful life-forms on Earth from the Macareni Gang, Shimorekka is deployed alongside Seven-Three and Yunba. On their way there, Yunba begins to complain about wanting food, leading them to stop on a planet inhabited by porcupine-like aliens, Seven-Three copies their powers and kills them while Shimorekka and Yunba eat their food. Seven-Three then notices one of them with a portal creating ability getting children to safety and promptly copies the ability, he then uses it to go to Earth alongside Shimorekka and Yunba, appearing on the Lookout.

Upon spotting the jailed Macareni Gang, Shimorekka asks if Jaco was the one who captured them then makes his way over to the trio where he relays a message from Moro, "Traitors acting on their own are dispensable" and goes in to kill them but is stopped by Piccolo for forbids killing on the sanctuary and tells them to leave the planet. Once Seven-Three intervenes and the battles begin, Shimorekka pursues them and on the ground below the Lookout he steals Jaco's gun and engages him in battle to which he appears to hold an advantage.

He then watches as his comrade Seven-Three is overwhelmed by Gohan and tells him to get a hold of him as it is his power that would be most beneficial. He advises Seven-Three to use the abilities he has in stock after his time using Piccolo's abilities runs out. He contacts and uses monitor mode to show Moro and Saganbo the events transpiring on Earth before beating on the helpless Dragon Gang after their energy is absorbed. After they are ordered to retreat by Saganbo, he tells the others that they will return though Jaco is able to buy them some extra time.

Two months later, Shimorekka re-appears along with Moro and the rest of the Galactic Bandit Brigade on Earth. He advises Seven-Three when he battles against Gohan and Piccolo, first telling him to switch to using Gohan's ability and then later urgently telling him to use Moro's ability when he appears to be on the verge of defeat. However, before Seven-Three can begin, he and Shimorekka are kicked in the face by the arriving Androids 17 and 18. Shimorekka fights against Android 18 but finds himself outmatched.

Moro kills Shimorekka

When Moro arrives, he grabs the wounded Seven-Three, who had been beaten by Android 17, and throws him at Shimorekka, ordering him to help him recover and returns him to their ship and shortly after, notices that his comrades have been captured by the Galactic Patrol and are being returned to Galactic Prison. Later, when Moro is at a disadvantage and flees towards the spaceship, Shimorekka comments that he doesn't look so good, only to immediately be killed by him so that he wouldn't interfere with his absorption of Seven-Three.

Shimorekka's final fate is unknown, as while everyone killed by Moro was wished back to life, Shimorekka was still thought dead by the members of the Galactic Bandit Brigade.



Shimorekka is able to easily kill numerous Zoon-seijin warriors. He also holds an edge over Jaco in combat. He is able to fight Android 18, though is on the losing end for the entire battle and fails to deal any damage to his foe.

Shimorekka was later easily killed by Moro in his decrepit state.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of Ki.
  • Ki-enchanced Strike - Shimorekka tried to kill the Macareni Gang with a ki-based strike.



Dragon Ball Super


  • His name is based on Shimotsukare (しもつかれ), a Japanese local dish.



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