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This article is about the Sand Land character. For the filler character, see Mr. Lao.

Sheriff Rao (ラオ Rao) is a character in Sand Land. He is an elderly man who seeks to free the people of Sand Land from their tyrannous king.


Rao, aka General Shiba

Formerly known as General Shiba (シバ将軍), Rao was a soldier of the royal army. He rebelled after his forces died thirty years ago, in an explosion that destroyed a mysterious weapon on the king's orders.

Tired of the king's greed, Sheriff Rao approaches the demons of Sand Land for help in searching a long-lost lake which will possibly meet the needs of the inhabitants of the land. The demon prince Beelzebub and his friend Thief agree to join him.

As he travels with them in search for the elusive lake, the old sheriff learns that the weapon he destroyed for the king was not actually a weapon at all, instead a machine to artificially create water. Rao sets to right his wrong by bringing down the king and helping those whose family died due to his actions.


  • As with the other king's army generals in Sand Land, General Zeu (ゼウ大将軍) and General Are (アレ将軍), General Shiba's name is based on that of a deity. In this case, it is based on the Hindu deity Shiva.


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