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Shenron Mode is a special mode that Goku and Vegeta can take on while in their Super Saiyan Blue state by being powered up by an Eternal Dragon.


Goku card that activates the "Shenron Mode" mechanic

The Eternal Dragon appears behind the user and gives them energy, greatly increasing their power. Their attacks are empowered with a Shenron Burst that increases the damage dealt and adds additional effects to the attack. Goku's version of the power up is given by Shenron, and has the added effect of healing his team's HP and additionally fully recovering his Stamina if the transformation is aced. His Super Attack becomes a stronger variant of the God Kamehameha named the Dragon Kamehameha, which additionally triggers the Shenron Burst (神龍バースト) ability that reduces the enemy team's Hero Energy by 3. Vegeta is instead powered up by Super Shenron who gives him a greater increase in power, and additionally decreases his Charge Impact speed. His Super Attack changes to a stronger variant of the God Final Flash named the Dragon Final Flash, which additionally triggers the Super Shenron Burst (超神龍バースト) ability that permanently gives a great increase to the enemy's Charge Impact speed.

Video Game Appearances

Vegeta card that activates the "Shenron Mode" mechanic

Shenron Mode is usable by Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it made its debut in God Mission 7 as a CAA Ability for Goku. Vegeta received his variant of the ability in God Mission 8.

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