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"Shen" (シェン Sh-e-n, lit. "S-H-E-N") is the one hundred seventy-fifth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter is Yamcha throwing a kick in the foreground, and Kami and Shen in the background.



Yamcha throws his new Sokidan technique

This chapter is a continuation of the fight between Shen and Yamcha. Yamcha repeatedly charges Shen, throwing wild punches and kicks, but getting nowhere. Shen continuously blocking his hits, then punching Yamcha away. The crowd is in awe, wondering how such a plain, skinny, and clumsy man can make Yamcha look like a fool, due to the amazing performances he has shown in previous tournaments. Yamcha then throws a flying kick at Shen, to which he easily dodges, sneaks behind Yamcha, then throws a painful kick in the ribs. Yamcha is once again beaten to the ground by Shen. Yamcha decides he has had enough and, though he planned on using it later in the tournament, decides he needs his new technique to beat Shen. Yamcha charges a great amount of energy in his right hand, then fires his new technique, Spirit Ball. A technique where Yamcha throws a tiny ball of chi, where he can easily control its directions at high speeds. The move begins to worry Shen, just being able to outmaneuver Yamcha's technique. Yamcha then sends the ball underground, and when Shen begins to let his guard down, the Sokidan blasts its way through under ground and strike him in the face. Shen is knocked back a few steps at the incredible impact the Sokidan hit him with. Shen then decides the fight needs to end, quickly runs at Yamcha, and elbows him directly in the chest. The hit is so shocking and painful it sends Yamcha stepping backwards shaking, until he finally falls out of the arena. Yamcha admits defeat to the incredible Shen and asks just who he is. Shen winks at Goku and says he will find out soon enough.





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