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Senbei Norimaki from the 1981 anime version of Dr. Slump.

Senbei Norimaki (則巻千兵衛 Norimaki Senbee, also spelled as 則巻センベエ) is a character in the anime and manga series Dr. Slump created by Akira Toriyama in 1980. Penguin Village's goofy and lecherous genius inventor. Arale calls him "Hakase" (博士, doctor?). He can also transform into a more handsome, taller version of himself (for a very brief period of three minutes). When in this state he very strongly resembles Tony Stark, the billionaire inventor of Iron Man. Senbei Norimaki's name is from Senbei Norimaki (a kind of Japanese rice cracker), whereas Arale Norimaki's name is from Arale, a different kind of rice cracker. Norimaki means wrapped' and refers to a specific type of each respective kind of rice cracker.


He is a weird inventor living in Penguin Village who harbors a perverted crush on local teacher Mrs. Midori Yamabuki when he's not busy making bizarre discoveries and gadgets.

His greatest accomplishment is the creation of a powerful robot in the guise of a little girl who he baptizes Arale Norimaki.

In one episode he actually gets a date with Midori and goes into space. On the way back, Arale Norimaki's friends play a prank on them for leaving them behind. They dress up like old people, and say that the time is 2030 (the year in the Manga being 1981.) In many episodes he invents something and Arale Norimaki calls him Doraemon.

Though Toriyama often draws most of the characters short and chubby, especially Senbei Norimaki, there are times Senbei Norimaki becomes more "realistic", becoming quite tall and rugged-looking. Usually this is when he puts on the best face he can for a pretty girl such as Yamabuki.

General Blue Saga

Senbei was around alot in the General Blue Saga in the Dr. Slump Crossover part. He constantly made peace signs in front of the screen and being yelled at by Akane. Goku asked if he could fix the radar but was confused of it's really advanced technology and was even more put down when Goku said a girl made it. Turbo secretly saved him by fixing it behind his back. General Blue attacked his house and insisted on stealing his plane but Arale defeated him.

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