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Seizo Toma is an Animation Supervisor in Dragon Ball Super.


Seizo Toma is an expert when it comes to character expression – so much so that he was appointed the unique role of a “Character Director” for the show Betterman, meaning he assists the animation supervisor with work related entirely to character acting.

While he worked as an inbetweener on Dragon Ball Z Movie 6 and was an assistant supervisor Path to Power, Dragon Ball Super marks Toma’s first regular position on a Dragon Ball product. His distinctive episode 4, packed to the brim with gorgeous thick line work and expressive characters, brought his work to the attention of many fans. Since then, unfortunately, Toma has seldom been left to his own devices, leaving the remainder of his episodes rather generic so as to keep in with the supervisors he is paired up with.

Though his thick line work has been toned down significantly, his work is still easily recognizable. Keep an eye out for thick eyelashes on female characters, pointy chins, and skinny ears.[1]

Episodes Supervised

God of Destruction Beerus Saga
Universe 6 Saga
"Future" Trunks Saga


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