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"Pretend to throw an almighty punch, but instead poison your opponent!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Skill description

Secret Poison (シークレットポイズン Shīkuretto Poizun) is a poisonous substance possessed by Frost in both of his arms.


Frost prepping his Secret Poison in the manga

In his right arm Frost contains a small, retractable needle coated with a non-lethal violet-purple poisonous liquid, which causes the opponent to become weak and disoriented momentarily on contact. In his left arm he contains a lethal amount of highly acidic poison with the intent to kill. While Frost claimed these poisonous needles were natural in his body, the Referee of the Tournament of Destroyers stated there were clear modifications and enhancements.


In a panel of the manga, Frost is shown prepping his Secret Poison for the tournament, showing that it is not biological nature as Frost claims.

Super Saiyan Goku disoriented from the poison

During his fight with Goku in the tournament, as it was clear Frost could not defeat the Super Saiyan, Frost decided to use his right arm to momentarily disorient Goku with a punch, also knocking him out of the ring, declaring Frost the winner. Frost did the same method to win his match against Piccolo, revealing his true colors. After this, Jaco pointed out Frost's retractable needles, and his body is inspected by the Referee, who disqualified Frost for using modified weapons. Vegeta offered to beat down Frost instead of him being disqualified, and Frost prepared to kill Vegeta with the poison of his left hand, ignoring the no-killing rules. Before he could do so, he is immediately beaten and knocked out of the ring by Super Saiyan Vegeta.

When Hit approached Frost a year later to recruit him for the Tournament of Power, Frost was revealed to have also added a stinger to his tail, allowing him to use a poisonous variant of the Tail Attack.


  • Acid - In addition to being poisonous, the Secret Poison contained within his left needle is highly acidic.
  • Tail Attack - After becoming a wanted fugitive in the anime, Frost added a third poison needle to his tail, allowing him to use his tail stinger to deliver his secret poison. However the move ultimately failed to work on Hit. Frost was forbidden from using it during the Tournament of Power.

Video Game Appearances

Frost preparing to deliver his Secret Poison punch in Xenoverse 2

Secret Poison was named Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, where it appears a Rush Attack Ultimate Skill used by Frost, as part of the Super Pack 1 DLC. It allows the user to disorient their opponent and inflict them with the poison status effect, then kicking them away. It can also be obtained by the Future Warrior by purchasing it from the TP Medal Shop after the Version 1.05.00 Update.

In Dragon Ball Legends, it appears under the name Poison Needle Attack as the Special Quirk Skill Arts for both Final Form Frost (DBL01-46E) and Final Form Frost (DBL01-47H). The version used by Final Form Frost (DBL01-47H) only immobilizes the target, while the version used Final Form Frost (DBL01-46E) immobilizes and inflicts Poison status on the target.


  • Frost's illegal use of his Secret Poison during the Tournament of Destroyers is the second time in the main series that a tournament's rules regarding the prohibition of weapons was violated, the first being Cyborg Tao's use of his Hidden Blade during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.
    • However unlike Cyborg Tao who was disqualified, Frost was allowed to remain in play at Vegeta's request once his cheating was revealed by Jaco and was even permitted to use it during his match with Vegeta. However during the Tournament of Power, he was forbidden from using the poison needles in his arms and tail.
  • Frost claimed his poison needles were a natural adaptation, though there is a scene in the manga where he is shown applying his Secret Poison to the needle in his arm, proving his claims to be false.
    • Presumably Frost was attempting to make a case for it being a natural ability much like Giran's Merry-Go-Round Gum had been during 21st World Martial Arts Tournament due to it being a Giras natural ability (the rules for the Tournament of Destroyers were based upon those of the World Martial Arts Tournament).



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