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Seasoning Arrow[1] is a technique used by Demigra in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


Demigra summons crimson, ethereal staffs reminiscent of his own to launch at his foes.


During his battle with the Future Warrior in the ruined Toki Toki City, Demigra used this attack several times to try and defeat the Time Patroller.

Later, when trying to destroy the Time Vault, Demigra utilized his Seasoning Arrow against the Future Warrior and Super Saiyan 3 Goku, who both attempt to dodge the many projectiles but are both soon pinned to the ground by them. This indicates the attack is very strong considering it is capable of pinning down such powerful fighters.

However, as the Future Warrior falls unconscious they hear the cry of divine bird Tokitoki who had been absorbed by Demigra. The Warrior then wakes up to find themself in a void that resembles the Hyperbolic Time Chamber where they find a Time Scroll containing the history of Age 850 which they view and see Demigra's attack on the Time Vault and being pinned by Seasoning Arrow before Demigra attempts to destroy the Time Vault with Energy Jet before leaving through a Wormhole. Resolving to set things right, the Warrior uses the scroll to travel through time and frees Goku from the arrow pinning him allowing Goku to push back the Energy Jet while the Warrior follows through the wormhole which leads to the Crack of Time where they engage Demigra in his Giant Demon God form.

Video Game Appearances

Seasoning Arrow was named and first appeared in Xenoverse as one of Demigra's skills. It is among the few skills that cannot be learned or obtained by the Future Warrior.


  • It is implied that the Future Warrior escaped and was transported to the void as a result of Tokitoki's Protection an ability mentioned by Chronoa and presumably used by the bird while absorbed to aid the warrior in defeating the Demon God, freeing the bird in the process. This is not surprising as Tokitoki generates time itself which is why Demigra sought to absorb him to literally rule time and space.


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