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The Sealed Ball (封印の玉 Fūin no Tama)[1][2] is the cocoon where Majin Buu was sealed in by Bibidi, until Babidi and his possessed warriors gathered enough energy to release him.



The cocoon is hatched

The Sealed Ball is a big brown cocoon (purple in original manga) with vein-like bulges on it. When it opens, it splits in half shooting smoke out. When the Sealed Ball had 50% or less energy, it was pink, purple. The energy was originally added when Babidi used the Energy Absorber on the ball. At 75%, the ball begins to glow pink with energy overflowing. At 90%, the ball turns into a pink-white color and glows orange in the center. When Buu reaches full power, the machine carrying the ball ejects steam while the ball becomes brown and soft.


The cocoon was hidden on Earth by Bibidi. When Babidi found it, he took it to the bottom of his spaceship. After Spopovich and Yamu drained the energy of Gohan at the World Martial Arts Tournament, Babidi almost had enough energy to revive Majin Buu. Using the warriors of his spaceship, he gained sufficient energy from the Dragon Team, and the deadly Majin was awakened.



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