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Sealas' Staff is a staff used by Sealas as his primary weapon.


Sealas' Staff hitting Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks in the opening OVA cutsene for World Mission

The staff Sealas wields is first seen when he uses a Wormhole to escape his imprisonment in the Time Abyss and returns to the Time Nest where he once served as Chronoa's Disciple using his staff to stop a slash from the sword of Chronoa's current disciple Xeno Trunks then with little effort uses it to deliver a counterattack upon the Super Saiyan Time Patroller knocking him to the ground and causing him to revert to base form, though Sealas leaves having made his intentions and opposition to the Time Patrol clear to Chronoa and Xeno Trunks.

Sealas firing the spear-like stream of lightning from his staff as the finisher for his Skybreaker Dance in World Mission

Sealas continues to use and wield the staff as he carries out his plans to acquire enough power to rewrite existence to create a new world of peace free from evil.

As his primary weapon, Sealas is master of Bōjutsu able to use his staff to block a sword strike from Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks' sword, then immediately deliver a counterattack capable of defeating the Super Saiyan with seemingly little effort. In addition to his normal Bōjutsu skills, Sealas can focus energy into the tips of his staff to fire a spear-like stream of lightning from his staff which he utilizes as the finishing blast for his Skybreaker Dance Super Attack.

Enhanced Form

Main article: Sealas (Fused)

Render of Sealas (Fused) wielding his Spear Staff

Upon Sealas allowing himself to be absorbed by Ahms when he is forced to accelerate his plans into the final phase ahead of schedule due to underestimating the combined might of the Time Patrol and Dragon Ball Heroes team, the staff is transformed into a spear staff wielded by Sealas (Fused) as his primary weapon. Due to its spear tip and bladed sections, it is a far more dangerous weapon than its original blunt form.

Video Game Appearances

Sealas' Staff made its debut appeared in World Mission.



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