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"Is there meaning in protecting the correct version of history? In letting lives slip away? Evil slip away?! If one has the power to save--one must save. That is true justice. But how can I fix things? I can't save everyone on my own. I know... Evil itself must be eradicated. The universe must be reformed to exclude all evil! I will rebuild history from the ground up to be one of peace! I will reforge existence! To do that, I must first burn that scroll. History... must die."
Sealas' past self deciding to betray the Time Patrol in Chronoa's flashback in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Sealas (シーラス Shīrasu), also known as "the menace"[2] and "The Fearsome Enforcer of Justice"[3], is the main antagonist of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. He was the first person to join the Time Patrol.

He was designed by Toyotarō.[3]


Sealas closely resembles Hit in terms of facial features, though he sprouts large tentacles from his head. Over his gray skin he wears white Galactic Patrol armor with blue gems, and a dark red sash over black pants. Sealas also wields a black staff with a white knob.


"Ha! That's rich! You stopped me from saving the world! You're the villains! I believe in my vision! I know I'm right, and this isn't over!"
— Sealas' reaction to Xeno Trunks calling him a villain for trying to alter history in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Sealas is portrayed as calm, serious, focused, and a firm believer in "justice", this aforementioned mindset began long ago when he joined the Time Patrol, where he witnessed first hand Kid Buu's rampage of destruction and opted to try to shield a boy from Kid Buu's attack while on patrol with Chronoa (putting him at odds with Chronoa's authority). However his attempt to alter history was a minor infraction with Chronoa admonishing him for disobeying her orders not to interfere with the correct history though she understood his intentions while misguided were noble and told him to take some time to cool off. Unfortunately, Sealas decided to check the Scroll of Eternity to learn of the boy's fate only to discover to his horror that despite his interference, the boy and his entire planet were destroyed by Kid Buu as according to the original history the boy and his planet were destroyed which Sealas' intervention failed to prevent. Feeling powerless, Sealas' began to doubt the Time Patrol's goal of protecting history if it meant letting innocent lives perish and allowing evil to slip away.

Believing one with power to save others must save others to be "true justice", Sealas becomes determined to fix the history he sees as "unjust" though realizes he can't save everyone on his own. He concludes that evil itself must be eradicated and to do that history itself must be reformed to exclude evil. Determined to rebuild history from the ground up to create one of peace free from evil, he must reforge existence by burning the Scroll of Eternity, though doing so means that the current "unjust" history must be destroyed. However Chronoa uncovers his plot and as punishment for betraying her and the Time Patrol, she imprisons him in the Time Abyss. However Sealas simply bides his time, creating Ahms to be his loyal servant and eventually becoming strong enough to create a Wormhole to escape his imprisonment. Having observed the Time Patrol from the Time Abyss, Sealas uses his said Wormhole to invade the Time Nest, fearlessly revealing his escape to Chronoa and her current attendant Xeno Trunks. After effortlessly defeating Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks, Sealas leaves to carry out his plans, essentially daring Chronoa and her Time Patrol to stop him showing confidence he will succeed.

Against Beat and the others, he and Ahms showed no qualms about hurting/killing young children if it means achieving his goals. After the Dragon Ball Heroes and Time Patrol defeat Sealas and Ahms (Hit & Goku Black Absorbed), Sealas wonders how he and Ahms failed declaring both of them were perfect, though Chronoa points out that he put too much trust in them and shut himself off from others causing Sealas to realize his isolation from others brought about his downfall and that he did not truly understand the importance of allies. Xeno Trunks tells Sealas while he understands his desire to create a world of peace, he can't understand why Sealas is willing to become a villain by altering history. Sealas however believes they are the real villains for trying to stop his plans and refuses to give up.

"This is ahead of schedule, but I must move to the final phase! I must tear it all down... and then rebuild it! Hngh! Gaaah! AAAAAGH!"
— Sealas as he is being absorbed by Ahms in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Realizing his enemies are stronger than he thought, Sealas decides to accelerate his plan into the the final phase which involves allowing himself to be absorbed by Ahms resulting in him becoming Sealas (Fused) which Sealas' mind is able to gain control of. In his new form, Sealas reveals he allowed himself to be absorbed to acquire enough power to fulfill his plans. Confident that the Heroes and Time Patrol are powerless against the might of his new form, he states their intentions to oppose him defies all logic though accepts it, as the battle would be good practice for him to test out his new power.

After he was ultimately defeated by Beat and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Sealas couldn't fathom as to how he can lose to a mere child. Even after hearing Beat's resolve, it doesn't change Sealas' way of thinking whatsoever, as he states that Beat's ideals are flawed and will change one day.

Compared to some of the other martial artists, Sealas prefers a pragmatic approach to deal with matters (i.e. using Ahms’ capabilities to the fullest in order to further his cause). Sealas also openly displays confidence in Ahms abilities (speaking condescendingly to anyone, including god-tier fighters like Goku Black).

Additionally, in Chronoa's flashback he is shown to be respectful towards Chronoa and is aware that altering history is considered a crime by both the Time Patrol and Galactic Patrol, before his failure in saving the boy ultimately caused him to turn his back upon the ideals and laws of both organizations even though he chooses to retain the Galactic Patrol symbol on his chest, as he ultimately believes his actions to be "just". After deciding to betray the Time Patrol, Sealas was willing to destroy what he saw as the current "flawed" history though like Demigra he underestimated Chronoa which lead to his plan failing and his imprisonment within the Time Abyss, though like Demigra he bided his time there growing stronger and plotting to finish what he started dedicated to his plan to rewrite history. As a result, he became more methodical and patient. Additionally his decision to alter the history of the SDBH game world was a brilliant strategy as it made it more difficult for the Time Patrol to combat him and his anomalies forcing them to research and development new technology to combat them. Additionally Sealas had the advantage of having formerly been a Time Patroller himself, thus he was fully aware their methods of correcting history which is suggested to have influenced his decision to create anomalies within the game world. Additionally the changes he could create would be extremely unlikely if not impossible to replicate within the real world history, such as granting characters abilities and powers they would not normally possess at that point in history such as specific transformations and knowledge (such as the game world Majin Dabura knowing of the existence of the Time Patrol while still working for Babidi). The anomalies also allow him to gather valuable combat data for Ahms using the Dragon Ball Heroes team and Time Patrol's own power to inadvertently help him in that task as he could gather combat data on individuals like Frieza & Cell before allowing Ahms to absorb them after the his enemies had weaken them.

As shown by his creation and development of an artificial intelligence like Ahms, Sealas is apparently a scientific genius on par with the likes of Dr. Gero, Towa, & Bulma though he's area of expertise appears to be in robotics and advanced artificial intelligence as Ahms is loyal and obedient to Sealas. It is also suggested that Sealas also has a deep understanding of the mechanics of the SDBH game world given he can create various anomalies within its history. It is implied that his understanding of the SDBH game world exceeds even that of Leggings and Xeno Trunks, though this is not surprising as they only began studying it to understand and combat Sealas' anomalies.



Chronoa & First Time Patroller Sealas patrolling history during one of Kid Buu's rampages that occurred at some point in between Time Immemorial and the 5 Million Before Age in World Mission

Sealas was originally a member of the Galactic Patrol whom Chronoa recruited as the first Time Patroller and her disciple. However, Sealas had a strong sense of justice due to his background as a Galactic Patrolman and had trouble accepting the darker aspects of history such as the senseless destruction caused by the original Majin Kid Buu whom had existed since Time Immemorial. His views clashed with Chronoa's who tried to teach him to accept it as part of his duty as a Time Patroller, though Sealas stayed true to his beliefs despite Chronoa's best efforts.

After witnessing the death of a boy he tried to save from Kid Buu and the destruction of the boy's planet through the Scroll of Eternity, Sealas completely lost faith in the Time Patrol's mission to protect history if it meant he had to let innocent lives and evil slip away. Believing the only way to create a world of peace was to erase the current "unjust" history to create a new one that was "just" and free of evil, Sealas decides to betray Chronoa and the Time Patrol, attempting to burn the Scroll of Eternity, only for Chronoa to discover his betrayal and stop him. For his betrayal of the Time Patrol and crime of attempting to erase the official history, Chronoa imprisoned Sealas within the Time Abyss as she had done previously with Demigra in 75 Million Before Age.

World Mission

Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks confronting Sealas on Chronoa's orders after the former Time Patroller uses a Wormhole to enter the Time Nest in World Mission

He is shown inside the Time Abyss before creating a Wormhole and suddenly appears in the Time Nest.[3] Chronoa recognizes him and orders her current disciple Xeno Trunks to defend the Time Vault from the intruder whose identity at the time is unknown to Xeno Trunks. Xeno Trunks goes Super Saiyan and attacks with his sword but, Sealas counters with his staff and effortlessly defeats his replacement. However fortunately, Sealas leaves just as abruptly as he came. While checking on Xeno Trunks, Chronoa informs him that Sealas is a dangerous individual and that he's planning something.

Chronoa's current disciple Xeno Trunks on the ground after being defeated by Sealas after he escaped from the Time Abyss in World Mission

Xeno Trunks is later assigned to investigate anomalies in the game world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. With help from Capsule Corporation technician Leggings who "knighted" Xeno Trunks as Great Saiyaman 3 a superhero alter-ego created for him to allow Xeno Trunks to investigate discreetly as a SDBH player as Xeno Trunks is a famous celebrity in the real world due to the popularity of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Due to Chronoa not telling him about Sealas, he dubs the mysterious intruder "the menace" whom he suspects is responsible for the anomalies in SDBH which Sealas seeks to study to gather data. Sealas' choice to alter the history of the game world was apparently influenced by his past as a Time Patroller as he was fully aware of how the Time Patrol operates and that directly altering history is dangerous and would likely be fixed. Additionally the game world anomalies produce more unlikely or even impossible scenarios thus providing him with more interesting data with the only downside being that it can lead to game world enemies entering the real world due to the anomalies causing the game world to collapse.

His choice also makes it difficult for Great Saiyaman 3 to deal with the anomalies forcing him to form the Dragon Ball Heroes team, a group of talented SDBH players to investigate and fix the anomalies.

"So, you've shown yourselves at last, Time Patrollers. I expected some opposition... but not on this scale. Impressive. Oh, how I will savor using your strength!"
Sealas commenting to himself on the Time Patrol's recent success in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

At the end of Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 3, "An Unthinkable Appearance", after the Dragon Ball Heroes Team fix Sealas' latest game world anomaly in Age 764, unbeknownst to the team Sealas travels to Hero Town via Wormhole. Sealas notes to himself that the Time Patrollers have finally shown themselves and through he expected some opposition, he did not expect it on this scale which he finds impressive and says how he will savor using their strength.

Eventually, Sealas reveals himself and Chronoa tries to get him to reconsider, but her words fall on deaf ears as Sealas is determined to acquire enough power to destroy the Scroll of Eternity and rewrite history itself as he sees fit. To do this he creates an AI called Ahms that can absorb the data of others to increase its power. Ahms eventually absorbs Frieza, Cell, Future Hit, and Goku Black's data, becoming a powerful ally. Unfortunately the Dragon Ball Heroes and Time Patrol manage to defeat Ahms forcing Sealas to fuse with his creation to become Sealas (Fused). Sealas (Fused) invades the Time Nest to destroy the Scroll of Eternity, however he is defeated by Beat and the Time Patrol foiling Sealas' plans.

Universe Mission Openings

Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes/Trailers In the seventh Universe Mission promotional opening for Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Beat, Note, & Froze are standing inside the Time Vault within the Time Nest. Suddenly, Sealas mysteriously steps through entrance to the Time Vault and picks up a Time Scroll that shows clear signs of a history change before it transports them to different points in history, with Froze to Super Saiyan Goku battle against Frieza on Namek, Note to Vegito (Base)'s battle against Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed), and Beat to Super Saiyan Blue Goku's fight against Golden Frieza, before he eventually joins Xeno Trunks, Xeno Vegeta, Xeno Goku, Xeno Gohan, & Xeno Goten of the Time Patrol along with their temporary allies from the Demigra Army, Demigra & Robelu as they confront the Dark King Mechikabura and the Demon Gods of the Dark Empire after they escape from Chronoa's Time Labyrinth, with Demon Goddess Towa creating Fin as her brother Demon God Dabura confronts Super Saiyan 4 Goku.

Sealas appears behind the Heroine, the Hero, and Frieza Clan Hero in the 8th Universe Mission promotional trailer for Super Dragon Ball Heroes

In the eighth Universe Mission promotional opening, Sealas appears behind Beat, Note, & Froze as they prepare to join Super Saiyan Vegeta in confronting Android 17 & 18 during the Android Conflict in Age 767. He watches as Super Saiyan Beat, Super Saiyan Note, & Froze power up to confront Android 17 & 18 with SSJ Note and Froze fighting 18 while SSJ Beat and SSJ Vegeta fight Android 17 with SSJ Beat managing to surprise and even impress Vegeta with his Super Saiyan strength and ability to keep up with Android 17.

Sealas' actions and motives during these openings are vague, relatively brief, and unclear as he never actually confronts Beat, Note, or Froze directly in battle during them. However given his actions and modus operandi in World Mission, it is possible he may be using them to gather combat data.


Video Games

Sealas is able to easily overwhelm Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks.[3] While considerably powerful on his own, he mainly prefers strategy and his partner to deal with opposition. While working together with Ahms, he was able to contend against the Dragon Ball Heroes and countless other iconic fighters (via Frieza, Cell, Goku Black, Hit, etc).

During the period when he was a still a Time Patroller, Sealas was strong enough to use his body to shield a innocent boy from Kid Buu and survive unharmed indicating he is stronger than the pre-5 Million Before Age Kid Buu (Pure Majin), putting his power on par with likes of South Supreme Kai.


  • Flight - The ability to fly by utilizing ki.
  • Time Travel - Sealas is capable of traveling through time. As the first Time Patroller, he utilized the Scroll of Eternity to travel through time.
    • Wormhole - Sealas can create Wormhole like Towa and Demigra, which he can use as a method to travel through time or access/exit other dimensions such as the Time Abyss and can even use one to enter the Time Nest. Used by Sealas in the anime opening of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission to travel between the Time Abyss and Time Nest. He also uses it to travel to Hero Town. Like Demigra, Sealas uses this ability to escape his imprisonment within the Time Abyss.
  • Risking it all for a friend - Used by Sealas during the period he served as the first Time Patroller to shield an unseen innocent child from an attack by Kid Buu during one of his historical rampages.
  • Bōjutsu - Sealas is a master martial artist, especially with the utilization of his staff as a weapon.[3]
  • Acrobatic Techniques[3]
  • Skybreaker Dance (演舞・破空 Enbu Hakō) - Sealas smacks his opponent down with his staff and performs a series of spinning kicks and strikes before smacking them back up. He then twirls his staff and charges up power before thrusting his staff forward into the opponent, blasting them away with lightning.
  • Lightbreaker Mad Dance (乱舞・裂煌 Ranbu Retsukō) - Sealas (Fused) charges forward and delivers two heavy slashes with his spear before performing one last gigantic swing that triggers a great explosion of energy. Used in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.
  • Anomaly Creation - Sealas has the ability to create anomalies within the game world's timeline which threatens its stability creating tears in space that connect the game world of SDBH and real world allowing their inhabitants to travel between them. The anomalies seemingly alter the very fabric of reality in the game world thus the alterations it creates are more radical than those produced by altering the real world history thus that would be extremely unlikely or impossible in normal reality can be created within the game world dimension. Additionally alterations to the game world history are safer than changes to the real world history as it only effects the stability of the game world which causes the tears in space, allowing Sealas and Ahms to gather data safely. However like real world alterations to history, Time Patrollers can intervene to fix the anomalies Sealas creates which leads to the game world history eventually reverting back to normal.
    • Sealas can also utilize the anomalies to grant game world characters power, knowledge (such as Dabura's awareness of the Dragon Ball Heroes team's status as Time Patrollers), and abilities they normally wouldn't possess or have access to (such as Vegeta, Nappa, & Raditz achieving Super Saiyan 3 during the Saiyan conflict, Dabura's use of Dark Magic and Villainous Mode, and is used directly by Sealas to give the Anomalous Frieza his Golden Frieza form and Cell his Cell X form).
    • Healing - Sealas can use anomalies to heal or revive KO'd enemies defeated by the Heroes.
    • Resurrection - Through his ability to create anomalies, Sealas can resurrect slain game world enemies such as the Anomalous Frieza killed by Goku and Beat within the Age 764 game world anomaly.

Sealas (Fused)

Main article: Sealas (Fused)

Finalized Concept Artwork of Sealas (Fused)

The result of Ahms absorbing Sealas after having previously absorbed Frieza, Cell, Goku Black and Hit. Sealas (Fused) inherits Ahms’ ability to give birth to Cell Juniors which it had previously acquired through its absorption of Cell, though like Ahms his Cell Juniors are empowered with Dark Magic.[2]

In the story mode of World Mission, after he and Ahms (Third Form) are defeated by the combined might of the Time Patrol and Dragon Ball Heroes team, Sealas decides to enact the final phase of his plan ahead of schedule and allows himself to be absorbed by Ahms. Though briefly mindless at first, Sealas manages to gain control over their fusion deciding to test out his newfound power against them.

Sealas' A.I. partner, Ahms

  • Ahms - An advanced robotic artificial intelligence created by Sealas to act as his ally and loyal partner. Ahms has the ability to gather combat data and absorb the physical bodies of others to increase its own power. The final phase of Sealas' plan is to allow himself to be absorbed by Ahms so Sealas could merge with him to gain the power he requires to fulfill his ultimate goal of rewriting history, though he is forced to accelerate his plans after realizing he had underestimated the combined power of the Time Patrol and Dragon Ball Heroes team.
  • Scroll of Eternity - As the first Time Patroller and Chronoa's disciple, Sealas had access to the Scroll of Eternity contained within the Time Vault that records the official history. After returning from the mission where he ended up trying to alter history by protecting a boy from being killed by Kid Buu and being given time to cool his head by Chronoa, Sealas used the scroll to learn of the boy's fate, discovering his intervention had failed as Kid Buu has destroyed the boy's planet killing said boy in the process. Sealas eventually resolved to burn the scroll in order to rewrite all of existence to create a world of peace free of evil, but was ultimately stopped by Chronoa and imprisoned. His primary goal in World Mission is to acquire enough power to ultimately succeed in destroying the scroll. Interestingly in the seventh Universe Mission promotional opening, Sealas is able to get get inside the Time Vault and grab one of the Time Scrolls that has a history change which transports the Dragon Ball Heroes team members present inside the Time Vault, Beat, Note, & Froze into the past.

Video Game Appearances

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Hiroki Tōchi[4]


Pre-Dragon Ball
  • Sealas (Time Patrol) vs. Kid Buu (Pure Majin)


  • Sealas' name comes from "Shirasu" - a type of sardine, fitting with the Galactic Patrol's naming scheme.[3]
  • The rejected drafts for Sealas are being used as extras in the Dragon Ball Super manga.[3]
  • Despite having left the Galactic Patrol, Sealas still wears its symbol even though his desire to alter history is in direct violation of Galactic law which the Galactic Patrol enforces. However, it is likely his experience as a Galactic Patrolman fueled his sense of justice which drove him to seek to correct history what he saw as unjust.
  • Sealas notes the similarities between himself and Goku Black as both are time travelers who seek to change the world due to their sense of justice and conviction to correct what they see as a flawed Multiverse, to the point of opposing their former superiors. Additionally, both fuse with their primary ally (Ahms for Sealas, Future Zamasu for Goku Black) to achieve their goals after being bested by their enemies.
    • Like the Zamases, Sealas' assertion that his plans are in the name of "true justice" (which he defines as one having the power to save others should do so or to put it more simply a "the ends justify the means" mentality) fits with Beerus' views in Dragon Ball Super that "Nobody who trumpets justice is ever righteous themselves." (which he said in regards to the Zamases' own claims that their Project Zero Mortals was in the name of "justice").



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