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Sealas (シーラス Shīrasu), also known as "the menace"[2] and "The Fearsome Enforcer of Justice"[3], is the main antagonist of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. He was the first person to join the Time Patrol.

He was designed by Toyotarō.[3]


Sealas closely resembles Hit in terms of facial features, though he sprouts large tentacles from his head. Over his gray skin he wears white Galactic Patrol armor with blue gems, and a dark red sash over black pants. Sealas also wields a black staff with a white knob.


Sealas is portrayed as calm, serious, focused, and a firm believer in "justice", this aforementioned mindset began long ago when he joined the Time Patrol, where he witnessed the destruction Kid Buu had left in his wake and opted for the idea of simply eliminating the Majin (putting him at odds with Chronoa's authority). Years later, this desire caused him to end up betraying The Supreme Kai of Time.

Against Beat and the others, he and Ahms showed no qualms about hurting/killing young children if it means achieving his goals. After he was ultimately defeated by Beat and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Sealas couldn't fathom as to how he can lose to a mere child. Even after hearing Beat's resolve, it doesn't change Sealas' way of thinking whatsoever, as he states that Beat's ideals are flawed and will change one day.

Compared to some of the other martial artists, Sealas prefers a pragmatic approach to deal with matters (i.e. using Ahms capabilites to the fullest in order to further his cause). Sealas also openly displays confidece in the Ahms abilities (speaking condescendentally to anyone, including god-tier fighters like Goku Black).



Sealas was originally a member of the Galactic Patrol whom Chronoa recruited as the first Time Patroller.

However Sealas had a strong sense of justice due to his background as a Galactic Patrolman and had trouble accepting the darker aspects of history such as the senseless destruction caused by the original Majin Kid Buu whom had existed since Time Immemorial. His views clashed with Chronoa's who tried to teach him to accept it as part of his duty as a Time Patroller, though Sealas stayed true to his beliefs and eventually left the Time Patrol due to his views conflicting with those of Chronoa.

World Mission

He is shown inside the Crack of Time before creating a Wormhole and suddenly appears in the Time Nest.[3] Chronoa recognizes him and orders Xeno Trunks to defend the Time Vault from the intruder who's identity is unknown to Xeno Trunks. Xeno Trunks goes Super Saiyan and attacks with his sword but, Sealas counters with his staff and effortlessly defeats the Super Saiyan Time Patroller. However fortunately, Sealas leaves just as abruptly as he came. While checking on Xeno Trunks, Chronoa informs him that Sealas is a dangerous individual and that he's planning something.

Xeno Trunks is later assigned to investigate anomalies in the game world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. With help from Capsule Corporation technician Leggings who "knighted" Xeno Trunks as Great Saiyaman 3 a superhero alter-ego created for him to allow Xeno Trunks to investigate discreetly as a SDBH player as Xeno Trunks is a famous celebrity in the real world due to the popularity of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Due to Chronoa not telling him about Sealas, he dubs the mysterious intruder "the menace" whom he suspects is responsible for the anomalies in SDBH which Sealas seeks to study to gather data. Sealas' choice to alter the history of the game world was apparently influenced by his past as a Time Patroller as he was fully aware of how the Time Patrol operates and that directly altering history is dangerous and would likely be fixed. Additionally the game world anomalies produce more unlikely or even impossible scenarios thus providing him with more interesting data with the only downside being that it can lead to game world enemies entering the real world due to the anomalies causing the game world to collapse.

His choice also makes it difficult for Great Saiyaman 3 to deal with the anomalies forcing him to form the Dragon Ball Heroes team, a group of talented SDBH players to investigate and fix the anomalies.

"So, you've shown yourselves at last, Time Patrollers. I expected some opposition... but not on this scale. Impressive. Oh, how I will savor using your strength!"
Sealas commenting to himself on the Time Patrol's recent success in World Mission

At the end of Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 3, "An Unthinkable Appearance", after the Dragon Ball Heroes Team fix Sealas' latest game world anomaly in Age 764, unbeknownst to the team Sealas travels to Hero Town via Wormhole. Sealas notes to himself that the Time Patrollers have finally shown themselves and through he expected some opposition, he did not expect it on this scale which he finds impressive and says how he will savor using their strength.

Eventually, Sealas reveals himself and Chronoa tries to get him to reconsider, but her words fall on deaf ears as Sealas is determined to acquire enough power to destroy the Scroll of Eternity and rewrite history.itself as he sees fit. To do this he creates an AI called Ahms that can absorb the data of others to increase its power. Ahms eventually absorbs Frieza, Cell, Future Hit, and Goku Black's data, becoming a powerful ally. Unfortunately the Dragon Ball Heroes and Time Patrol manage to defeat Ahms forcing Sealas to fuse with his creation to become Sealas (Fused). Sealas (Fused) invades the Time Nest to destroy the Scroll of Eternity, however he is defeated by Beat and the Time Patrol foiling Sealas' plans.


Sealas is able to easily overwhelm Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks.[3] While considerably powerful on his own, he mainly prefers strategy and his partner to deal with opposition. After forfeiting in the Tournament of Power portion of the story mode, Sealas manages to evade Zeno's Erase. While working together with  Ahms, they were able to contend against the Dragon Ball Heroes and countless other iconic fighters (via Frieza, Cell, Goku Black, Hit, etc).

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Time Travel - Sealas is capable of traveling through time.
  • Bōjutsu - Sealas is a master martial artist, especially with the utilization of his staff as a weapon.[3]
  • Acrobatic Techniques[3]
  • Skybreaker Dance (演舞・破空 Enbu Hakō) - Sealas smacks his opponent down with his staff and performs a series of spinning kicks and strikes before smacking them back up. He then twirls his staff and charges up power before thrusting his staff forward into the opponent, blasting them away with lightning.
  • Lightbreaker Mad Dance (乱舞・裂煌 Ranbu Retsukō) - Sealas (Fused) charges forward and delivers two heavy slashes with his spear before performing one last gigantic swing that triggers a great explosion of energy. Used in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.


Sealas (Fused)

Main article: Sealas (Fused)

Sealas Combined form

The result of Ahms absorbing Sealas after having previously absorbed Frieza, Cell, Goku Black and Hit.

Video Game Appearances

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Hiroki Tōchi[4]



  • Sealas name comes form "Shirasu" - a type of sardine, fitting with the Galactic Patrol's naming scheme.[3]
  • The rejected drafts for Sealas are being used as extras in the Dragon Ball Super manga.[3]
  • Despite having left the Galactic Patrol, Sealas still wears its symbol even though his desire to alter history is in direct violation of Galactic law which the Galactic Patrol enforces. However it is likely his experience as a Galactic Patrolman fueled his sense of justice which drove him to seek to correct history what he saw as unjust.
  • Sealas notes the similarities between himself and Goku Black as both are time travelers who seek to change the world due to their sense of justice and conviction to correct what they see as a flawed Multiverse, to the point of opposing their former superiors. Additionally both fuse with their primary ally (Ahms for Sealas, Future Zamasu for Goku Black) to achieve their goals after being bested by their enemies.



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