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Scratch, also called Tama (タマ), is Dr. Brief's cat. It is frequently seen on Dr. Brief's shoulder (much more often in the anime than in the manga) and does not play a major role throughout the Dragon Ball series.



Scratch in Dr. Brief's hands

According to Dr. Brief, Scratch has had four years of experience with capsule technology. Although it is uncertain just how experienced Scratch is with the technology, Brief seems to hold its knowledge in high regard, as he assures Chi-Chi "No one can troubleshoot a frozen osciphilator like we can".

Apparently, Scratch seems to take a liking to Android 16, crawling to his shoulder when he pets him during the ten day time period before the Cell Games.[1]

In popular culture


Scratch licking Bulma after being saved in Goku's Fire Brigade

Scratch appears in the short film Goku's Fire Brigade, where his appearance is different and is Bulma's personal pet that lives with her in her apartment. Scratch was hungry causing Bulma to not focus on her cooking. When an earthquake happened Bulma fell and got knocked out from hitting her head on a dresser while Scratch cried and licked her while the apartment caught on fire. When Goku came up he had Bulma hold onto his Power Pole while it retracted and Goku saved Scratch. In the end Scratch got reunited with Bulma and licked her out of happiness.

Voice Actors


  • It seems Scratch is almost always looking towards the reader/viewer no matter how he is positioned.
  • In the English dub of the Dragon Ball series, Scratch is referred to as a female while in the Japanese dub, Scratch is a male cat.
  • Scratch was voiced by Funimation producer Barry Watson in their dub of the series (so far his only voice acting credit).
  • While being called Tama in the Japanese anime and Scratch in the English dub, the cat is nameless in the manga.[2]
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Majin Time Patroller Bentora mentions to the Future Warrior that he encountered Scratch while investigating the Capsule Corporation time rift anomaly and the cat ate his snacks, which makes Bentora want to find the Scratch and turn him into a snack.



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