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"Scatter Attacks are techniques used by the foe that can't be avoided. While they don't deal any damage, they have a high chance of blasting the target to another dimension. The enemy will always be waiting for you when you're blasted to another dimension. You'll need to defeat the foe before moving on. Once the dimension you've been sent to is free of enemies, a gate will open. Go through the gate to get back to the battle. You've returned safely to where the boss was, but have you noticed the two crystals emitting an evil aura? The enemy has the same aura. The crystals are radiating some strange power that is increasing your foe's power level. If you don't hurry and destroy the crystals, you'll be in real trouble! Now that the crystals have all been smashed, your enemy's power level has plummeted! Now's your chance to finish it!"
Scatter Attack Tutorial 1-5 text in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Scatter Attack (離散攻撃) is a Defensive technique used by certain boss characters fought in Time Patrol Expert Missions in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


There are two variants of Scatter Attack, one used by regular sized foes and the other used by Great Apes. Both versions have the same effects and only differ in how they are performed. The normal version involves the foe charging two energy spheres in both hands, while the Great Ape version has them focus energy into their right hand and punch the ground. Both release a powerful explosive wave that has a high chance of knocking opponents through nearby Gates into another dimension. The Gates are then covered by a rock-like "crystal" that emits the same evil energy as the boss which results in the boss' power level increasing. Destroying the crystals, either directly or by defeating a minor enemy inside the other dimension, reopens the gates to allow the Time Patrollers to return to the fight. Once all crystals are destroyed, the boss' power level is returned to normal.

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