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"Saiyans and Cerealian" (サイヤじんとシリアルじん Saiya-jin to Shiriaru-jin) is the 72nd chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


After eighteen days of travel in the Heeter's spaceship, Goku and Vegeta arrive on Planet Cereal with Macki and Oil. They are told where to find Granolah by Macki, but comment that they cannot feel any strong ki signatures. They depart for the battle, with Oil secretly following so he can spy on them. Macki stays behind to await the arrival of Elec and Gas. Elec comments that the Heeters have not been to Cereal in 40 years, and Gas says that his memories of the planet are bad ones.

Granolah strikes Goku in the back

Suddenly, Goku and Vegeta are attacked by incredibly accurate and deadly sniper shots from a mountain forest, barely dodging them. Tracing their origin, Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan to better dodge the blasts, whilst Goku uses Ultra Instinct. They reach the source to find an empty clearing. The barrage quickly resumes from above, and then again from the ground, faster than Goku or Vegeta can follow. Suddenly, Goku is shot in the back of the neck and immediately loses consciousness; the sniper blast has struck one of his pressure points. Vegeta gives him one of their two Senzu Beans and scolds him for relying on his imperfect Ultra Instinct to dodge.

Granolah appears behind Goku and Vegeta

Goku matches Vegeta's Super Saiyan, now using his mind instead of Ultra Instinct to fight, and fires towards their opponent's location, finally revealed to be Granolah. He vanishes and reappears behind the duo, and Goku comments that his movement technique is even faster than Instant Transmission. Granolah says that it is just one of many nameless techniques he gained as a result of his wish to become Universe 7's strongest warrior. After revealing his nature as the last of the Cerealians and his grudge against the Saiyans, he resumes his attack, demonstrating a technique similar to Hakai to create a massive crater in the ground.

Goku battles Granolah

Goku, worried by Granolah's abilities and suspecting that he may be able to use their own techniques, suggests attacking as a team. Vegeta declines, once more intending to prove his superiority to Goku in battle. However, Vegeta insists that Goku fight Granolah first, as Vegeta believes he must 'pay back' Granolah for his earlier hit. As Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God and uses Ultra Instinct in conjunction with the form to keep up with Granolah's incredible assault, Vegeta surmises that combining the state with a Super Saiyan form increases its accuracy and effectiveness. However, Granolah once again lands a pressure point attack that cripples Goku and drops him out of his God state. He states that, with his Evolved Right Eye having been further enhanced by his wish, he is able to observe blood flow and muscle movements to find all of Goku's weak points. Vegeta, meanwhile, begins to suspect that there may be more to the situation than Granolah being a simple villain, and explores the ancient ruins.

Granolah knows that Goku has been holding back, and demands his full strength, declaring that he does not care if he kills Goku before learning Frieza's location as Vegeta will still be alive to reveal it. Goku, realising Granolah's desire to take revenge on the tyrant Frieza, also becomes confused about the Cerealean's supposed villainy. However, he is distracted by Granolah raising his ki even further, whilst expressing confidence in the results of his training. As Goku finally ascends to Super Saiyan Blue and continues the battle, causing tremors that alarm the Sugarians, Vegeta's suspicions are confirmed as he finds a large Great Ape footprint in the ruins.


  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan) and Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Granolah
  • Goku (Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Granolah






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