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The Saike Demon[2] (サイケ鬼 Saike Oni, lit. "Psyche Oni") is an ogre that works for King Yemma in the Spirit Laundry in Hell.


The Saike Demon has red skin and has two horns. For clothing he wears red headphones, a green short sleeved hoodie, a dark blue shirt, red fingerless gloves and yellow pants with black lines.


The Saike Demon has a personality of a teenage slacker who doesn't take his job seriously, carelessly listening to music instead of doing his job. As a result of his irresponsibility, the Soul Cleansing Machine overloaded causing him to be exposed to the evil energy that transformed him into Janemba. After being purified of the evil, the Saike Demon was confused, then frightened by the sight of Super Saiyan Gogeta to the point he ran away.

However, despite his carelessness, the Saike Demon himself isn't malicious or evil as shown by the fact that he survived after the evil energy was cleansed from his body. Additionally, after he noticed the explosion of the Soul Cleansing Machine, worried that he would get fired, he grabbed a fire extinguisher which resulted in his exposure to the evil energy, thus he is also shown to be somewhat naive.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Fusion Reborn[]


Saike's body mutated by the purplish-gray smoke

The Saike Demon is careless while working the Soul Cleansing Machine and, distracted by his Psychedelic Funk music (death metal in the Funimation dub), he forgot to change its tank. The tank overflowed, and he was surrounded by thousands of years of spiritual waste. The purplish-gray smoke mutated his body, and turned him into the pure evil demon, Janemba. After Janemba is defeated by Gogeta with a Stardust Breaker, he transformed back into the ogre, who ran away, frightened at seeing Gogeta.

Forms and transformations[]



Janemba's first form after taking over Saike Demon

As a result of being overtaken by the evil energy that flowed from the Soul Cleansing Machine, Saike Demon was transformed into Janemba.

Janemba appears as a transformation for Saike Demon in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

Video Game Appearances[]

DBXV2 CC Mascot (Janemba Model) Janemba (Saike Demon Colors)

Render of Janemba (Saike Demon Colors) in Xenoverse 2

The Saike Demon made his video game debut as an NPC in Buu's Fury.

Although the Saike Demon is not seen physically in Dragon Ball FighterZ, his transformation into and from Janemba is referenced in Gogeta's Dramatic Finish against the demon. After Janemba is destroyed by Gogeta's Stardust Breaker, the scene switches to a first person shot of the Saike Demon opening his eyes, seeing Gogeta and running off screaming in a panic, while Gogeta smiles and chuckles.

"A mascot that looks like it transformed into the Saike Demon!"
Janemba (Saike Demon Colors) CC Mascot description in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

As part of the 1.15.00 Update DLC in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Janemba (Saike Demon Colors) is a Saike Demon recolor of the Pre-Transformation Janemba type CC Mascot.

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  • The English translation of his original name Saike Oni (サイケ鬼) is short for "Psychedelic Oni" and comes from his musical tastes.


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