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"A set of Saibaman seeds and growth liquid. These diminutive warriors sprout from the ground when their seeds are planted in soil and then watered with the growth liquid. Their power level is based on the quality of the soil in which they are planted."
— Z-Encyclopedia Summary in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The Saibamen Set is a bottle containing set of seeds and growth liquid used to sprout Saibamen. Originally used by Nappa during the Vegeta Saga.


Saibamen were originally developed by a Saiyan scientist as weaponized lifeforms that could be grown on the battlefield using the Saibamen Set which is a bottle containing seeds and a liquid used to rapidly grow the Saibamen once planted.


The Saibamen Set is first shown being used by Nappa during the Attack of the Saiyans where he plants the six seeds then pours the growth liquid causing the Saibamen to burst from the ground ready to fight.

Though the seeds were used by both the Saiyan Army and Frieza Force to grow Saibamen, Nappa's is the only use of the set actually shown.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 in Fateful Brothers, Raditz also has a Saibamen Set which he uses when Piccolo proves to be too strong. Unfortunately the Saibamen ends up turning on Raditz leading it to self destruct causing Raditz to lose his memory leading him becoming a better person after getting to know his brother and nephew.

The Saibamen Set was finally named in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Unlike the manga and anime, Nappa throws the bottle to the ground instead of planting them and pouring the liquid. However the results are the same. The Saibamen Set has an entry in the items section of the Z-Encyclopedia. During the Sub Story: "Mysterious Power Reading", Gohan investigates a large power reading Bulma detected with Raditz's Scouter and finds three Saibamen near the crash site of Raditz's space pod in East Ravine. He defeats them and discovers a High-Quality Carrot which he takes before returning to the Capsule Corporation to inform Bulma of what the source of the power reading was. After informing Bulma it was Saibamen, he wonders why they were their. Bulma surmises that Raditz's space pod contained a Saibamen Set which was scattered on the ground near the crash site when Gohan destroyed the pod. Bulma also notes Gohan mentioned their were vegetables growing nearby and suggests that some of the Saibamen Set's growth supplement happened to spill on them too explaining the High-Quality Carrot that Gohan found indicating the growth liquid can effect plants other than Saibamen and their variants. The Sub Story also indicates that like in "Fateful Brothers", Raditz had his own Saibamen Set, however he never had chance to use them as they were in is pod and by the time he really could have used them, Gohan had destroyed the pod scattering the set near its crash site. Completing the Sub Story awards Gohan with the Saibaman's Soul Emblem and unlocks the "Secrets of the Saibaman 1" portion of the Saibaiman's Z-Encyclopedia entry which explains how Saibamen were developed by Saiyan scientists for the Frieza Force.


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