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Sabitsuita Machine Gun De Ima Wo Uchinuko (錆びついたマシンガンで今を撃ち抜こう; "Let’s Blast through this Moment with a Rusted Machine Gun") is the fourth ending theme for Dragon Ball GT. It is used for the Shadow Dragon Saga to the end of series (episodes 51~64). The song is performed by Wands. The lyrics and the music were written by Miho Komatsu, with arrangement from Daisuke Ikeda.


Japanese version

Kusari ni tsunagare arukidasu kimi o
Nomikomu kurai tabou na tokai wa nagareteru
Nage suterareta yume ga korogatteru ashimoto ga mietara
Chizu ni nai machi e tabi datou tatoe sore ga mucha da toshitemo

Sabitsuita machine gun de ima o uchinukou
Kawaita yuugure ni hohoemi erabou

[instrumental break]

Sabitsuita machine gun de ima o uchinukou

English translation

Bounded by the chain, you started to walk
Being washed away by the darkness that envelopes the city
If I could see the moment when I abandoned my dream
I'd set off to a town without a map, even though it's stupid

Let's shoot with a rusted machine gun
Let's choose to smile in the evening

[instrumental break]

Let's shoot with a rusted machine gun

English Dub

As you're walking along
Feeling so burdened and lost

The lights of the city
As you're passing by
Seem like they're swallowing you up

Our dreams are all broken
Our hopes have all died
And we can't wait to leave
All these memories behind

We'll head for a place
We've never been to before
Even if people think we're out of our minds

We'll take this rusty machine gun
We'll fire away and we'll blast right out of here

We'll take what we've got
We'll rise to the top
And we'll leave behind our fear

[instrumental break]

We'll take this rusty machine gun
We'll fire away and we'll blast right out of here


  • At the end of the accompanying video, Goku is shown as an adult, having retained the tail he grew in the Baby Saga, however, when he is shown in the final episode and Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy this tail is nowhere to be seen. He possibly hid his tail to look like an Earthling.
  • Also, Goku's clothes as an adult at the end of the video, he is seen wearing his end of Dragon Ball Z clothes instead of his Dragon Ball GT clothes.
  • This ending shows all the major families in the series (Goku's, Vegeta's, and Krillin's), and even goes as far as to include Ox-King and Bulla, who are the only family members missing from the actual battle of the final saga. Based on the credits, Ox-King is the tallest character, being taller than both Piccolo and Good Buu. Also, Bulla is shown to be taller than Marron (who is taller than Krillin], despite being significantly younger.
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