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The Russian dub of the Dragon Ball anime airing in Russia and Ukraine.

Dragon Ball Z

In Russia, an attempt was made to display Dragon Ball Z in 2011 by 2x2, but it was very unsuccessful. The reason was the anime series was broadcasted early in the morning and the episodes had extremely low image quality. Although it was the Japanese version, the translation was from the American version. The intro is the same as in the Japanese version. Pythagoras Studio translated only 26 episodes (the Raditz Saga and half of the Vegeta Saga, where Nappa started rampaging at that period) and ended the series. Later, the Russian dub was also broadcasted in Ukraine.

Dragon Ball Super

From August 26, 2019, the series is broadcast on 2x2 in Russia. Two new episodes are broadcasted per day on weekdays and six repeats during weekends.

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