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Rudeeze (ルーデゼ Rūdeze) is a desert planet in universe 7 orbiting many stars, and populated by Sandipedes. The planet and the Sandipedes that live on it were designed by Akira Toriyama.[1]



An outpost on Rudeeze

In the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga, Goku, Pan, and Trunks land on Rudeeze to collect their third Black Star Dragon Ball (the Five-Star Dragon Ball). While on the planet, Trunks repairs the cooling system of their spaceship, Goku fends off the Sandipedes, and Pan runs away because of the threat of going back to Earth to bring Goten and to drop Pan off. Pan almost dies of heat exhaustion until Giru saves her by giving her water to drink and fending off Scorpulon, the Sandipede that attacked her. Not only that, but Giru collects the Dragon Ball and finds an oasis near where Pan collapsed, so the team can fill up on the water supply and cool off.

Video Game Appearances[]


Pan and Giru on Rudeeze in GT: Transformation

Dokkan Battle Story Event Desert Rescue! Giru Saves The Day! (DBGT Black Star Dragon Ball Saga - Rudeeze Arc)

Desert Rescue! Giru Saves the Day! Story Event banner in Dokkan Battle

Rudeeze appears as the fifth level in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. Enemies encountered there are Sandipedes, Weevils (humanoid Sandipedes), Scarabs (flying Weevils), and the boss is Scorpulon.

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Giru's rescue of Pan on Rudeeze appears as its own Story Event "Desert Rescue! Giru Saves the Day!" where player's can acquire Giru's SSR card.


  • According to Akira Toriyama's scenery printed in Weekly Shōnen Jump #52, 1995, and later included in Daizenshuu 7 and the Dragon Ball GT: Perfect File, this planet was originally planned to be named Kahra (カーラ), a pun on Kara ("empty").
  • The planet's name comes from the phrase deru ze (出るぜ) meaning "I'm leaving", referencing the fact that Pan attempted to run away while on the planet.[2]



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