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Royal Family Galick Gun is a combination of the Brotherhood Galick Gun and Father-Son Galick Gun used by Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Tarble, and King Vegeta of the House of Vegeta in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.


After summoning his brother and father from Subspace, SSGSS Vegeta, Tarble, and their father King Vegeta each fire a Galick Gun that combines into a single powerful energy wave that inflicts massive damage to the opponent.

Video Game Appearances

Royal Family Galick Gun was named in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission where it appears as a special Super Attack for Vegeta's SH4-29 card. The Super Attack is the result of his CAA Super Ability Subspace Summon T called Royal Family Galick Gun T which allows Vegeta to summon his brother and father to perform the Super Attack. The ability can be activated when the card is an Attacker from R3 or onwards when the Hero Avatar is present in the user's team. Additionally, huge DMG boost & deal critical STA DMG when own team has 9+ Hero Energy though only once per battle.


  • Though the CAA Super Ability is named Royal Family Galick Gun T, the Super Attack itself is called Royal Family Galick Gun in the Effect description for the CAA Super Ability.
    • The T comes from the CAA Super Ability's activation type Subspace Summon T.
  • This technique can be seen as the Galick Gun equivalent to the Family Kamehameha as both are combined energy wave techniques performed by a Saiyan father and his two sons (Goku, Gohan, and Goten for the Family Kamehameha and King Vegeta, SSGSS Vegeta, and Table for the Royal Family Galick Gun).
    • The only differences between the two is that Royal Family Galick Gun is a variation of the Galick Gun performed by pure Saiyan members of the House of Vegeta with only one of them transformed (as Tarble and King Vegeta are in base form as Vegeta is in his SSGSS form) while the Family Kamehameha is performed by Goku, Gohan, and Goten in their Super Saiyan forms and only Goku is pure Saiyan (though in Broly - Second Coming it is unclear if it is the real Goku or a illusion created by Shenron due to Goten's wish his deceased dad was around to help though in most video games such as FighterZ Goku is really performing the technique).
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