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Directory: CharactersVillainsDBZ villains Rock[1] is the leader of the criminal Red Shark Gang. He has a passion for evil and is the self-proclaimed most powerful thug in Satan City.


Dub & Peter 1


Rock in Dub & Peter 1

Rock first appeared as a minion of Lord Asatias in Akira Toriyama's one-shot story Dub & Peter 1. Rock and Asatias are about to kidnap a girl named Elizabeth in Pepper Town, but they are stopped by Dub and his advanced, artificially intelligent car Peter 1. When Asatias sees that Dub has a nice car, he challenges him to a race, promising to give him 1 million Zeni and to return the girl. They go race on the outskirts of town through a canyon. The race then goes aerial as both vehicles change it flying modes. As Rock and Asatias begin to shoot Dub with their vehicle, Peter 1 pulls out a missile launcher from under the hood and destroys their vehicle, making Dub the winner.

Dragon Ball Z

Videl captured

Rock holds Videl in a Full-Nelson

In Dragon Ball Z, when Rock gets fed up with Mr. Satan's reputation of being the world's strongest fighter, he, Jimbo, Slimjim, and his group of thugs kidnap the Satan City Mayor in hopes of luring out Mr. Satan in order to get a chance defeat him. However, Videl easily defeats this group before their crime spree can garner any attention.

Video game appearance

A tall Human gangster similar to Rock appears with the Red Shark Gang in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

Voice actors

  • Latin American Dub: Mario Sauret
  • Brazilian Dub: Afonso Amajones


  • Rock bears a striking resemblance to Nappa. They are both tall, ruthless, sport mustaches, and are leaders as Nappa was commander-in-chief of the Saiyan army.
  • He also bears a slight resemblance to Colonel Shikishima from the manga/anime "Akira".


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