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Robert is an old hermit who appears in the video game Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. He is very similar to both Master Roshi and Mr. Lao.



Gohan finds Robert

Robert has been living in the Warlord's Domain with his dog for 30 years, studying martial arts. One day, he confronts and defeats the Warlord because his henchmen were making too much noise in the forest. Later, he learns that Mr. Satan is taking credit for what he did, so he steals the key to West City that was meant for Mr. Satan and puts it in a cave in the wilderness that he protected with a magic charm.

At the West City Mayor's request, Gohan and Piccolo follow Robert through the Warlord's Domain to retrieve the key. Robert gives the key back, and reveals to them that he is the one who really defeated the Warlord, not Mr. Satan. Back at the ceremony, they try to reveal the truth to the mayor of West City, but they are interrupted by Mr. Satan who says he has to be on an airplane back to Orange Star City in 15 minutes.


Robert was able to defeat the Warlord and his henchmen at around the time of the Cell Games (prior to their conversion into cyborgs). None of the Z Fighters were able to get past Robert's magic barrier.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Magic Charm - Robert is capable of raising a magic barrier, which he did to block the entrance to a cave. He can undo the charm whenever he wishes.


  • Endurance Capsule - Robert owned three.
  • Various weapons - Robert owned several weapons, including a Sword, a Katana, a Shotgun, multiple Axes, Daggers and Shuriken.

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