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Robelu (ロベル Roberu)[1] is Demon God Demigra's secretary.


Robelu is an attractive pale faced demon with red eyes and long black hair who wields a staff that she uses for offence.


She has a habit of gloating about how smart she is.


Dragon Ball Heroes

Demigra Assault Saga

Main article: Demigra Assault Saga In the game, Demigra invades the Time Nest along with his secretary Robelu using the Shirogame fortress as the members of the Time Patrol stand together opposing him. When Goku: Xeno fires a Kamehameha towards Demigra, Roberpku steps forward and blocks it to protect her boss.


Video Games

Roberu is able to deflect a Kamehameha from Goku: Xeno meant for Demon God Demigra.

Techniques and Special Abilities

Video Game Appearances

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: TBA



  • Robelu's name comes from sauce Robert, continuing the sauce-themed naming of many of Demigra's associates.



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