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 Rising Rush is a technique used by all characters in Dragon Ball Legends.


To use the technique, the user must first use the seven cards marked with a Dragon Ball. Once all seven are collected by doing so, the right side of the screen gets a button for the move to be used.

The move itself uses the four currently drawn Arts cards in the user's hand. Strike Cards are portrayed as teleporting punches and kicks, Blast Cards are portrayed as a barrage of ki blasts, Special Arts Cards are portrayed as throws, and Ultimate Cards are used as normal. After these, all of the remaining members of the team (if a different card than the enemy's is selected) fire a combined blast.

Video Game Appearances

This technique has only been used in Dragon Ball Legends.


  • Some characters utilize Strike ultimate. In the case that a character utilizes a Strike ultimate, it will be used either before or after the Finishing Blast.
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