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Rising Dragon (ひょうしゃおろん Hyōga Shaoron) is the brother of the Martial Arts master Sky Dragon. He is enemies with the Chin-Star School, but he eventually becomes friends with Goku and the school after Goku defeats his brother in a martial arts tournament.


He wears a blue shirt and navy-blue pants. He appears to be bigger but weaker than his brother. His large wide body shape is mostly stocky.


He tends to start fights and is incredibly rough.



Rising Dragon and his henchmen

Rising accused Chin Taiken's son, Shoken, to have stolen his wallet. Master Chin is forced to defend himself and his son. Master Chin leaps into the air and performs his trademark move, the "Phantom-Star" technique, but starts coughing, which Rising Dragon takes advantage of and starts beating Chin. Then Sky Dragon shows up and so to speak slaps him and apologizes for his brother's rude and scornful behavior.


A drunk Rising Dragon fights Goku

When Goku passes the restaurant Sky Dragon and Rising Dragon happen to be eating at, Rising Dragon attacks Goku. Goku dodges Dragon with ease and tricks him into falling in the river. Sky isn't pleased and hits Goku without warning. Back at the Panther-Fang dojo, Rising Dragon watched his brother's pupils become punching bags as the tries to give them a lesson in combat. Later, after Goku beats Sky Dragon at King Wonton's Royal Match, the Panther-Fang School and the Chin-Star School finally put the past behind them as Sky Dragon and Rising Dragon starts anew under Chin as a member of the Chin-Star School.

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  • Rising Dragon vs. Goku (anime only)



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