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"Rip in the Universe" (げんれつ!! ブウがキレちゃった!? Jigen ni Kiretsu!! Bū ga Kirechatta!?, lit. "A Fissure Between Dimensions!! Has Boo Snapped?!") is the seventeenth episode of the Fusion Saga and the two hundred seventieth overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. This episode first aired in Japan on July 12, 1995. Its original American airdate was November 11, 2002.



Super Vegito, just after performing the Spirit Sword

The episode starts off with Super Buu fighting Super Vegito. Super Buu fires a Super Kamehameha, but Super Vegito deflects it back at his face. Super Buu is greatly outclassed by Super Vegito and tries his Liquefaction, but to no avail. Super Vegito then mocks him. Angry at not being able to keep up with Super Vegito, Super Buu gets really angry and tries to break through the dimensional walls.


Yamcha in the Other World

Dende says that this could cause the universe to collapse and has a flashback of when Super Buu ripped a hole through the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegito tries to attack but Super Buu places an Energy Shield around himself. When Vegito starts to get pushed back, he begins to Power Up and proceeds to break through the shield before uppercutting Buu into the ocean below, stopping the attack. After Super Buu resurfaces, Vegito taunts the humiliated yet quiet Super Buu.

Meanwhile on the Grand Kai's Planet, King Kai and Krillin watch as the battle on Earth continues. Krillin along with Yamcha have been able to keep their bodies for the time being due in part to their heroic behavior in the past as well as being kept around as a potential back up team in case Goku and Vegeta fail. However, while Krillin is concerned at the ongoing events, Yamcha appears to be having fun battling the planets occupants such as Olibu and Gorilla.

Major Events[]

  • Vegito, having become a Super Saiyan, completely dominates Super Buu in battle.


  • Vegito (Super Saiyan) vs. Super Buu (Gohan absorbed)
  • Yamcha vs. Olibu & Gorilla






Bruce Faulconer tracks[]

  • "Vegeta Powers Up" - When Vegito launches his Big Bang Flash at Super Buu.
  • "Gohan Fights Frieza" - During the fight between Super Vegito and Super Buu.
  • "Rip in the Universe" - When Super Buu enters Vegito's body.

Differences from the manga[]

  • Dende finding Mr. Satan who had been covered in the rubble from the resulting battle surrounding them is exclusive to the anime.
  • In the anime, Krillin and Yamcha are shown on Grand Kai's Planet, having been kept around as a B team if Goku and Vegeta were to fail. This did not happen in the manga.
  • In the anime, Vegito performed the Spirit Sword on Super Buu after a scene where Super Buu tried to hide himself in a cloud of smoke. In the manga, these scenes happened the other way around.
  • The anime has additional scenes involving the Vegito and Super Buu fight, such as Buu flying down Vegito's throat and later being forced out and Super Buu going on a rampage and almost destroying the Earth.


  • While Super Buu digs deep into his well of power, Dende tells Mr. Satan that this is what Buu did in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He knew this because he saw Buu escaping the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at the Lookout.
  • Yamcha wears his Turtle School uniform again in this episode.
  • While fighting Olibu and Gorilla in one scene, the Turtle School badge is not on Yamcha's clothes, but in the very next scene, the Turtle School badge appears.
  • This is the first time that Super Buu refers to himself as "Super Buu".
  • This is the first time that Super Buu fires steam from his head when he is angry.
  • In the Japanese version, when Vegito is underwater, he states he didn't feel a thing from Buu's blasts. In the English dub, he states Buu's aim was lousy, since he can't sense Vegito's location.
  • Olibu's battle grunts in the Westwood/Canadian dub of this episode are provided by Yamcha's actor Ted Cole as Dale Wilson was unavailable.


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