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The richest man in Gingertown is a character who briefly appeared in the episode "Borrowed Powers".


Dragon Ball Z

Cell Saga

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The man being absorbed by Cell

The man is attacked by Cell in the city. He then sees and starts to beg and plead Piccolo to be saved when Piccolo arrives to face Cell. He offers Piccolo all the money he has and exclaims that he is the richest man in town. Cell appears to let him go after being threatened by Piccolo but proceeds to absorb the defenseless man until all that remains are his clothes and a few wads of rubber banded Zeni.

He briefly reappears as one of the souls trapped in Cell when Cell powers up to fight Android 17. He is revived by the Dragon Balls along with Cell's other victims after the monster is defeated by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan at the Cell Games.

Video Game Appearance

Dokkan Battle Mysterious Monster Cell (1st Form)

Mysterious Monster Cell (1st Form) card featuring The Richest man in Ginger Town

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, the Richest man in Ginger Town appears on Imperfect Cell's Mysterious Monster Cell (1st Form) card.

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