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This article is about This article is about the twenty first original Dragon Ball Z anime volume. For the manga chapter, see Revealed!!!.

Dragon Ball Z: Revealed is the twenty-second volume of the original Funimation Dragon Ball Z DVD and VHS releases. It includes three installments from the Frieza Saga: episodes 67, 68, and 69.

Cover art

The cover art shows third form Frieza preparing to transform to his final form.


  • Frieza's Second Transformation - The united powers of Nail and Piccolo continue to struggle against the almighty Frieza. For a brief moment it seems the Namekian duo could be victorious, but Frieza retaliates with a second transformation! With new speed and strength, Frieza gives Piccolo a ruthless beating. Can Gohan and Krillin come to Piccolo's aid?
  • Another Transformation? - Desperate to help Piccolo, the enraged Gohan unleashes an attack that nearly topples Frieza. Inspired by Gohan's powerful display, Vegeta reveals his daring plan to become a Super Saiyan. Will Vegeta's plan work? Meanwhile, it seems Frieza has a plan of his own: his final transformation!
  • Dende's Demise - Having reached his ultimate form, the evil Frieza begins a merciless assault. To start, he takes out the only one who cannot be healed by Dende - Dende himself! As Frieza's onslaught continues, it becomes clear that Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan don't stand a chance. Surprisingly, Vegeta comes to the rescue, wanting to fight Frieza single-handed! Are Vegeta's claims true? Is he really a Super Saiyan?

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