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This article is about the four hundred twenty-ninth hundred eightieth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. For the anime volume, see Revealed (volume).

"Revealed!!!" (バレた!!! Bareta!!!, lit. "Exposed!!!") is the two hundred thirty first chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred twenty-fifth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover depicts the opening scene, where Gohan (as the Great Saiyaman) begins his introduction.


The robber asks again who Gohan is, and Gohan proceeds with a lengthy introduction filled with ridiculous posing, introducing himself as "The New Hero in town, The Champion of Justice, The Great Saiyaman!!!!" Videl and the robber are left dumbfounded by his introduction, but then Gohan tells Videl to cuff them, using her name, which gives away his identity to her. The robber, however, throws down a smoke bomb and attempts to escape in the car.

Gohan, however, has flown up into the air to get above the smoke, and quickly flies off after him, shocking Videl, who realizes that flying isn't just a trick. Gohan proceeds to catch up with and knock out the robber, bringing him back so Videl can cuff him. Videl then tricks Gohan into revealing his identity by asking him a direct question using his name, which Gohan answers without thinking, blowing his cover completely.

As they fly back to Orange Star High School in Videl's plane, Videl asks him about the ridiculous outfit, which Gohan responds that his friends told him to keep his power a secret if he wanted a normal life. Videl then asks him if Gohan's the Golden Warrior, which Gohan denies, knowing that identity has to stay secret.

Videl changes the subject, talking about the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament, and quickly deducing that Gohan is the son of a former champion, Goku. She then blackmails Gohan into entering the tournament by threatening to reveal his secret identity to everyone. Left with no choice, Gohan agrees. Videl also wants Gohan to teach her how to fly, to which Gohan again reluctantly agrees.

Videl returns to class first, and Gohan soon follows after changing out of his costume. He's mocked for "taking so long in the bathroom," and he slumps into his seat, calling this "the worst day ever."




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