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"Reunion of Terror!" (きょうさいかい Kyōfu no Saikai, lit. "A Reunion of Terror") is the seventy third chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred sixty-seventh overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Krillin and Bulma frightened in the foreground, while Vegeta stands with a determined posture and Zarbon stares with a sinister glare in the background. Krillin holds the Namekian One-Star Dragon Ball.


Vegeta dodges Zarbon's attack

After spotting Krillin flying with the One-Star Ball, Vegeta begins to chase him. Not realizing that Gohan has stolen the ball he hid underwater, Vegeta believes that taking the ball Krillin has will give him all seven. Despite having no scouter, Zarbon luckily spots Krillin and Vegeta. Recognizing Krillin from their earlier confrontation, he begins to pursue the pair. Vegeta senses Zarbon behind him and vows to defeat him.

Krillin reaches the cave where Bulma was hiding and finds her outside reading. Bulma is surprised by Krillin's sudden appearance. Krillin expresses his desire to bring Gohan to the Great Elder, but Bulma informs him that Gohan left to get a Dragon Ball. Krillin senses the ki of Vegeta, who arrives on the scene and claims that he wants the Dragon Ball. Zarbon shows up soon after. After exchanging some words with Vegeta, Zarbon transforms into his monster form. He attacks Vegeta, who dodges his first few attacks before flying into the air and tossing sand into Zarbon's eyes. While Zarbon is temporarily blinded, Vegeta delivers a powerful punch to his back.






  • Zarbon's Monster Form


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