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Reincarnation Game is a game created and played by Beerus and Champa where they each reincarnate someone's soul into a character from the Dragon World for the purpose of fighting each other.


During that game, Beerus reincarnated a deceased boy's soul into the body of Yamcha, while Champa had Oushou reincarnated into the body of Chaiotzu.



  • The Reincarnation Game is similar to the Soul Linking concept developed by Dr. Gero that plays a critical role in the plot of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Presumably soul linking may function on similar principles. Additionally Beerus and Whis were able to sense the human soul inside Goku.
    • It would also demonstrate how advanced Dr. Gero technology became as he was able to develop a scientific method on par with simple game played by gods (though this is not surprising as he was able to create artificial life and technology capable of creating artificial souls).

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