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The Referee (レフェリー Referī) is the ring announcer for the Tournament of Destroyers.


The Referee is green with black eyes and has an antenna on his head. He wears a black and red suit with white gloves and white boots. He resembles that of a Majin, with the antennae, peculiar color and earholes.


The Referee has a rather eccentric personality. He judges the matches during the tournament fairly, not showing any bias towards any team. He doesn't tolerate any cheaters who break the rules of the tournament and use weapons in a match.


Dragon Ball Super

Universe 6 Saga

Main article: Universe 6 Saga The Referee is chosen by Champa to present the tournament between Team Universe 6 and Team Universe 7. On the Nameless Planet, the Referee of the tournament begins the tournament by introducing the Singer. After he sings the inter-universe anthem, the Referee introduces the first fighter of the first match, Goku and Botamo. Goku beats Botamo by throwing him out of the ring because he could not damage him. Immediately, the Referee begins the next match between Goku and Frost. During the match, the Referee gets a notification and it reveals Frost's background, saying he is the hero of Universe 6 and he has received three Universe Peace Prizes.

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