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"Reenter the Dragon" (神龍再び!! Shenron Futatabi!!, lit. "Once Again, Shenlong!!") is the one hundred eleventh chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Shenron towering over Upa and Goku.


Bora is brought back to life

Goku returns to the others on the Flying Nimbus with the final Dragon Ball, and he tells Upa to come with him to Korin Tower. The two boys board the Flying Nimbus and set off for their destination. The others talk about Goku, and Fortuneteller Baba reveals that she had a vague premonition that Goku will someday save the world.

Goku and Upa reach Korin Tower and head to the base of it, where the grave of Bora is located. Goku lays out the Dragon Balls together, and Goku yells for Shenron to come. The sky grows dark, and the reunition of the seven Dragon Balls summons Shenron. Shenron asks them what they wish for, and Upa asks Shenron to revive his father. Bora rises from his grave, revived.




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