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The Red Ribbon Robot (RRレッドリボンぐんのカプセルロボット Reddo Ribon-Gun no Kapuseru Robotto[1], Lit. "Red Ribbon Army Capsule Robot") is a small robot who piloted an airplane to the North for Goku during the Red Ribbon Army Saga.


It is a dark blue robot with a humanoid appearance, it has a round head with an eye composed of a large red light and has two antennae, one on each side. His limbs are very thin, his hands are composed of four claws each and his feet end in a thin rectangular plant.


It is programmed to be helpful to whoever is using it regardless of who the user is, proof of this is that it served Goku despite not being a member of the Red Ribbon Army and after having become an enemy of his side by defeating Colonel Silver and his brigade.


Dragon Ball[]

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]

After Goku defeats Colonel Silver, he takes some capsules in Colonel Silver's Camp and finds the robot. Goku tells the robot he wants to go to the North, so the robot tells him use a capsule containing an airplane. The robot offers Goku to pilot the plane for him toward the next Dragon Ball. While on their way to the North, the robot becomes frozen by the extreme cold and the two crash near Jingle Village.

Video Game Appearances[]


The Red Ribbon Robot in Origins 2

This robot appears in Origins as an enemy in Ox-King's Castle and Monster Carrot's Hideout.

The Red Ribbon Robot also appears in Origins 2 in the same role it had in the manga, and also in bonus level 2-6, where it is found in the snow by Suno and repaired by Android 8 after Goku finds five missing parts of the robot in the snow.

Robots similar to it, Helper Robot, Someone's Robot, and Spy Robot are enemies in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, there are similar robots called RR Mech Soldiers which like the Red Ribbon Robot have a single eye though they have thrusters instead if legs and resemble Battle Jackets as well as being designed as robotic soldiers while Red Ribbon Robots were apparently designed to serve primarily as robotic servants.

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