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The Red Pants Army (レッドパンツ軍 Reddo Pantsu Gun) is an evil military faction existing on Earth in the time the story of Dragon Ball Online takes place.



General Bon, creator of the Red Pants Army

The army was formed by an animal-type Earthling called General Bon in Age 991, intending on restoring the animal-human nation, acting as a successor to the Red Ribbon Army, and appear to have allied themselves with Android 9, an android double of the Red Ribbon Army's original leader, Commander Red, and a clone of Red Ribbon scientist Dr. Gero.

Like their predecessors, the Red Pants Army employs both human and anthropomorphic Animal lackeys to do their bidding. The Red Pants Army is also in command of numerous robots, as the Red Ribbon Army was in the original Dragon Ball manga, notably robots similar to the Red Ribbon Army's Battle Jackets.


Android 16 copy

An Android 16 copy



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