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The Red Pants Army (レッドパンツ軍 Reddo Pantsu Gun) is an evil military faction existing on Earth in the time the story of Dragon Ball Online. It is the new incarnation of the Red Ribbon Army.



General Bon, creator of the Red Pants Army

The army was formed by an animal-type Earthling called General Bon in Age 991, intending on restoring the animal-human nation, acting as a successor to the Red Ribbon Army, and is also controlled by Android 9, an android double of the Red Ribbon Army's original leader, Commander Red, and a clone of Red Ribbon scientist Dr. Gero.

Like their predecessors, the Red Pants Army employs both human and anthropomorphic Animal lackeys to do their bidding. The Red Pants Army is also in command of numerous robots, as the Red Ribbon Army was in the original Dragon Ball manga, notably robots similar to the Red Ribbon Army's Battle Jackets.

The Red Pants Army has an alliance with Frieza's Army Remnant, with the two groups working together on an Oil Field facility.


Android 16 copy

An Android 16 copy


  • Jigglers
  • JiJi Infantry
  • Giant Rat Soldier
  • Giant Rate Warehouse Guard
  • Helmet Sapper - Dog-like soldier
  • Helmet Training Sergeant - Dog-like soldier
  • Bomb Guard Soldier - Large warthog-like soldiers
  • Sentry Soldier Boar
  • Kulpi Trooper - Small cow-like soldiers
  • Katrina's Medic
  • Hyenan Bomber
  • General Communication Soldier - Bat-like soldiers
  • Evil Bat Task Force
  • Pig Warehouse Supervisor
  • Tiger Guerrilla Unit
  • Bear Guerrilla Unit
  • Bulls Occupation Force
  • Ultimate Weapon Guard
  • Underground Base Defender
  • Underground Base Guarding Warrior
  • Giran Descendant
  • Underground Base Supervising Officer
  • General Bon's Royal Raider
  • General Bon's Arson Unit
  • Supervisor
  • Special Forces
  • Bazookaman
  • RP Explore Wolf
  • Red Pants Army Hippo
  • Automated Robot Patrol
  • OK Patrol Robot
  • Worker Robot
  • Bad Worker Robot
  • Guardian Robot
  • Combat Jack R
  • Undead Combat Jack
  • Robot Bomber
  • Broken Robot Bomber
  • Remodeled Pilaf Machine
  • Eye of Darkness


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