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Recoome Death Driver (リクームデスドライバー Rikūmu Desu Doraibā) is a technique used by Recoome.


Recoome Death Driver 3

Recoome races towards the ground with Vegeta.

To perform it, Recoome holsters his opponent by their waist and dive-bombs them into the ground face-first.


Recoome uses this attack during his battle against Vegeta, dealing a heavy amount of damage on the Saiyan, proving to be one of the most devastating physical combo moves delivered by Recoome.

Video Game Appearances

This powerful dive-bomb he used on Vegeta is named Recoome Death Driver in the PlayStation version of Dragon Ball Z: The Legend, and is also known as "Recoome Tecerot Soraibomb," which he himself yells when pile-driving his opponent face-first into the ground. It is known as Recoome Mahha Attack, and Recoome Driver, in the Butōden series.

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